We’re excited to announce we'll be hosting the launch of Mazzer’s new Kold S + Robur S grinders this Melbourne Coffee Week! Read on for event & ticketing details...

Locale x Mazzer: Launch Party!


We’re excited to announce we’ll be hosting the launch of Mazzer’s new Kold S + Robur S grinders this Melbourne Coffee Week! On Wednesday 6th February at 6.00pm, we’re opening the doors of our Abbotsford space to the coffee community, inviting guests to the anticipated release of Mazzer’s new high-performance grinders.

We have a long-standing respect for Mazzer and the calibre of equipment they produce & we’re excited to be hosting the launch here in Australia. Designed with high volume customers in mind, the grinders both list reduced grind retention, double fan cooling system, memory track & cloud connectivity among their many features.

We have some special guests lined up for the evening, including Luca Maccatrozzo, direct from Mazzer Italy, to share his insight into the production & design of the Kold S + Robur S. Along with Caleb ‘Tiger’ Cha of Tigerous Espresso (WCE certified judge, World Latte Art Champ 2015) who will demonstrate the grinders’ capabilities as well as wowing the crowd with his Latte Art skills!

The grinders will be available on the night for guests to test out for themselves. Plus, we’ve got all your needs covered with free food trucks from the legends at Happy Camper Pizza & Leonard’s House of Love, coffee inspired cocktails, and a DJ spinning tunes all night. This is one coffee event you don’t want to miss!

Where: Locale Coffee Roasters, 20B Trenerry Crescent, Abbotsford

When: Wednesday 6th February – 6.00pm-10.00pm

This is a free event, however RSVP is essential as tickets are limited. Visit Eventbrite now to register!

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Our next Single is something a little different! From young & innovative coffee producer, Elkin Guzman of Finca El Mirador, this 'melazas' process yields a delicious mix of red apple, plum & brown sugar flavours.

Finca El Mirador

Our next Single is something a little different! We sourced this coffee directly from emerging coffee producer, Elkin Guzman during a recent trip to origin. One of two coffees we’ll showcase from Finca El Mirador, this coffee is a delicious mix of red apple, plum & brown sugar flavours.

Origin El Rosal, Pitalito, Huila, Colombia
Producer Elkin Guzman, Finca El Mirador
Elevation 1680m above sea level
Varietal Caturra

Process Melazas

Tastes Like Red Apple, Plum & Brown Sugar

Elkin Guzman is a young & innovative coffee producer, a leader in his community & has quickly become a standout among Colombian growers in general. He is highly intelligent & curious, using the latest technology & techniques to consistently improve quality in every area of the process.

At Finca El Mirador, they grow many different coffee varieties & use a range of different processing methods. Elkin believes in using technology to collect & track data during each stage of the process, including the optimum ripeness of the coffee cherry for harvesting using a Brix meter. He prefers the harvest to happen at 23–25° Brix & only in the morning hours when the plants aren’t as stressed.

This particular coffee is just one example of Elkin’s many experiments. The coffee is harvested at 24° Brix, depulped the same day it’s picked & sorted using a zaranda. Elkin then puts the coffee through what he is calling an “anaerobic melazas” fermentation, melazas meaning ‘molasses’ in Spanish.

The depulped coffee is dry-fermented in open air for 18hrs. Then put in covered tanks to ferment for 24–36 hours, with molasses added to provide “energy” or sugars for the yeasts & bacteria to break down. The result is this stunning mix of red apple, plum & brown sugar on the palate. Stay tuned for more exceptional lots from one of the most promising & passionate producers we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with.

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Featured next in our origin favourites, we have a fruity Pink Bourbon that is perfect for the hotter months. A clean & refreshing mix of passionfruit, lime & cherry cola flavours. Enjoy!

Buena Vista

Next up on the rotating roster of our favourite coffees, we have a Colombian Pink Bourbon that is perfect for the hotter months. This coffee was sourced directly from Buena Vista during a recent origin trip and is a clean & refreshing mix of passionfruit, lime & cherry cola flavours. Enjoy!

Tastes Like Passionfruit, Lime & Cherry Cola
Origin Playitas, San Adolfo, Huila, Colombia
Producer Yamid & Luis Eduardo Tulcan, Buena Vista
Elevation 1650m above sea level
Varietal Pink Bourbon
Process Washed

The 7-hectare Buena Vista farm in Playitas, Colombia, is owned by Yamid and Luis Eduardo Tulcan. Yamid and his father, Luis, have farmed coffee together for Yamid’s whole life, mostly focused on the Pink Bourbon varietal.

When he was a younger man just starting out, Yamid was given 1,000 Caturra trees by his father to start. After a while, he grew his farm to 5,000 trees, though over time, Yamid had replaced his Caturra with mostly Pink Bourbon.

This coffee is harvested ripe every 8 days during the season and fermented first as a whole cherry for 12–15 hours, then depulped and fermented dry in tanks for 28 hours. The coffee is then washed once and spread out to dry in parabolic driers for 9–12 days.

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This gorgeous Black Honey produced by Las Lajas Micromill is next up on the rotating roster of our favourite coffees. Supply is limited so get in quick!

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

This gorgeous Black Honey produced by Las Lajas Micromill is next up on the rotating roster of our favourite coffees. Sourced from our friends at Cafe Imports, this coffee is a delicate flavour bomb of red grape, melon & toffee. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Tastes Like Red Grape, Melon & Toffee
Origin Sabanilla De Alajuela, Central Valley, Costa Rica
Producer Las Lajas Micromill, Finca Los Angeles
Elevation 1450m above sea level
Varietal Catuai, Caturra
Process Black Honey

Oscar & Francisca Chacon are 3rd-gen coffee producers committed to quality & innovation, and are best known for being among the first to produce honey coffees in Costa Rica. Las Lajas Micromill is also one of the only certified-organic mills in the area & take their environmental impact very seriously. To mitigate their water usage, Oscar uses a Penagos demucilaginator to depulp the coffee, and since the coffees are all natural or honey process, very little water is used at the mill.

Harvesting and processing are overseen with great care by both Oscar & Francisca: During harvest, Francisca measures the Brix of the cherry to determine optimal ripeness, picking will begin when the Brix reads about 22°. Harvesting by Brix reading is also helpful as newer varieties sometimes ripen to different colours: Using a refractometer helps keep the harvest at uniform ripeness, which is key when producing high-quality naturals and honeys.

Las Lajas began producing honey coffees in 2008, after an earthquake cut off the mill’s access to water for several weeks. Oscar had heard that in Brazil and Ethiopia they use pulped-natural & natural techniques to process coffees, so he tried it with their harvest that year. Oscar believes that just as the roast profile will change the flavour of a coffee, the drying curve also has an impact. He wants the drying to happen slowly, meaning that production is necessarily limited.

The Chacons produce several different types of Honeys and Naturals: For their Honeys, 100% of the mucilage is left on the coffee, and the coffee is dried in different ways. The Chacons determine which process to use based on the weather on the day the coffee is harvested:

Yellow Honey: Coffee is turned hourly on raised beds.

Red Honey: Coffee is turned several times a day on the beds, but not as frequently as for yellow honey.

Black Honey: The coffee is only turned once per day.

VEND Market Place is taking QLD by storm! Over 80 local vendors, producers, creatives, collaborators under one roof...we heard there's some pretty good coffee there too!

VEND Market Place

VEND Market Place is dedicated to building a community of local designers, creators & collaborators under one roof in an unforgettable shopping experience! It’s a one-stop-shop full of vendors showcasing their wares in the boutique 1250sqm centre, open 7 days a week.


Aside from the many boutique stores at VEND, they also host a fresh fruit & veggie market every Saturday, as well as fun crafting workshops for the kids (or yourself)! After you’ve shopped up a storm you can enjoy a coffee and snack in the relaxed vintage surrounds or borrow a book from the library.


VEND even has a small cafe on-site devoted to local, healthy foods and amazing coffee! The food is sourced completely from local produce farmers, bakers and chefs so you know you’re supporting local.

Next up on the rotating roster of epic coffees is this exceptional Kenyan from Windrush Estate. It tastes as good as it sounds!

AA Windrush

AA Windrush

This prized AA microlot produced by Windrush Estate is next up on the rotating roster of amazing coffees. A clear stand out on the cupping table, this coffee is typical in flavour profile but perfection in its quality. We can’t wait for you to try it!

Origin Cianda, Kiambu County, Kenya

Producer Windrush Estate

Elevation 1500-1650m above sea level

Varietal SL 28

Process Washed

Tastes Like Blackcurrant, Cola, Grapefruit

Located in Kiambu County, the heartland of traditional coffee growing in Kenya, is Windrush Estate. Among the oldest remaining estates in Kenya, Windrush is famous for predominantly farming the complex & most-prized SL 28 varietal.

The estate uses proven sustainable methods of farming. Soil pits are dug to trap rainwater and bluegrass is planted as ground cover to prevent erosion. Gravillier and Eucalyptus trees are also planted on the estate to shade the coffee from the harsh afternoon sun.

After selective hand picking, the cherries are processed on-site with Kenya’s trademark double-fermentation using fresh river water from the nearby Riara river. Afterwards the coffee is moved to skin drying beds overnight, before sun drying for seven days on raised beds.

The highly sought-after SL 28 coffees are known to be intensely sweet & flavoursome, yet super clean so it’s no surprise this AA microlot is just that. With notes of blackcurrant, cola & grapefruit, Windrush is a party on your palate!

Brighten up your morning and treat yourself to some classic Australian favourites with a distinct Asian twist. Our friends at Churchill are now open for brekkie!

Breakfast @ Churchill's

Brendon Sim, of Bar Lafayette fame, hopes to bring together the diversity of the 21st century lifestyle with the exclusive atmosphere of a heritage listed space. We think his newest venue Churchill’s, is a perfect combination of the two. Prepare yourself for breakfast heaven!


Set in the rich historical architecture of the WA Trustee building positioned between the iconic St Georges Terrace and Brookfield Place in the heart of Perth CBD. Churchill Bar and Restaurant is a limited edition venue offering a striking contrast of a classical setting paired with modern elements.


Originally the focus was on offering a selection of moreish petite platters upstairs and a contemporary A La Carte menu in the restaurant below. More recently the crew have branched out to serve breakfast weekdays from 6.30-11.00am. You’ll find a stunning brekkie menu with a distinct Asian twist. Think char-sui pulled pork with potato hash & Sriracha hollandaise….yuuuum!

We're so excited to bring you this experimental 'slow natural' lot. It's certainly not what you'd expect from a typical Brazilian coffee!

Jhone Milanez Lacerda - Lot #2


This exceptional microlot is courtesy of 3Brothers Coffee who work side by side with the farmers at origin & are deeply involved in the entire process of coffee production, from sourcing the best coffees to managing the logistics from remote areas in Brazil. Our team originally cupped it blind & didn’t pick it as a Brazilian, we knew straightaway we wanted to showcase this lot & the dedication to the process behind it. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Origin Sítio Santa Rita, Serra do Caparaó, Brazil

Producer Jhone Milanez Lacerda

Elevation 1250m above sea level

Varietal Red Catuai

Process Slow Natural

Tastes Like Strawberry, Peach & Caramel

Located in the surroundings of Parque Nacional do Caparaó, is Santa Rita Estate. Comprised of four small properties within a 70-hectare estate, around 45% of which is dedicated to growing coffee. Since 1896, the farm has been owned & run by the Milanez Lacerda family.

For many years Sítio Santa Rita has consistently produced high quality lots but soil & climate factors had begun to impose their limits in altitudes up to 1000m, making it almost impossible for them to naturally obtain batches with a score above 85.

Until one particular batch did manage to achieve an outlier high score, most likely as a result of some fermentation. From there, Jhone Lacerda began experimenting with the controlled fermentation process, hoping to replicate this success in future batches.

Years of testing & analysis lead to Jhone’s further development of the ‘slow natural’ process, showing incredible results. Experimental lots, like this one, produced new & unique flavours for Brazilian coffees & have allowed them, and other Brazilian coffee producers, to tap into markets that were previously out of reach.

If you’re interested in learning more about controlled fermentation in natural processed coffee, an article written by Jhone Lacerda, provided by 3Brothers Australia, is a really great read.

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Health focused cafe by day, restaurant & bar by night. The newest addition to the Locale family are really upping the game in Queensland's beach-side suburb of Palm Beach.


Health focused café by day, restaurant & bar by night. This all day eatery, the project of two local boys, Josh and Andy, is adding a spark to Palm Beach’s up & coming foodie scene.


The natural light, whitewashed walls, hanging greenery, and timber accents combine to create this little spot of paradise. The wall mural is a stunning feature and the first to draw the eye on the rooftop, now open 7 days a week! This place seriously has it all; eats, beats, brews & the best cocktails in town.


Recently moved to a predominantly plant-based menu, with the option to add your favourite protein source, their exciting breakfast, lunch and dinner menu will not disappoint. The Tapas menu is next-level awesome & the Espresso Martinis are a must here!

Up next on the rotating roster, this punchy little washed Colombian. Catch this one at our participating cafe partners before it's gone!

Rio Blanco


This extremely interesting Colombian coffee was brought to our attention by our friends at Cafe Imports who are importers of specialty grade green bean. As soon as we tried it on the cupping table, we knew this coffee had to be next on the roster.

From the small town of Rio Blanco, just outside of Popayan City in Cauca, comes this bold, tropical delight. Tingling pineapple acidity at the front, with rich caramel & and an almond finish. Got us dreaming of upside-down pineapple cake all day long.

Origin Rio Blanco, Cauca, Colombia

Producer Various Small Holders

Elevation 1500-1900m above sea level

Process Washed

Tastes Like Pineapple, Almond & Caramel