our ethos

Coffee for the people means so many things to us, namely that people throughout the entire coffee supply chain should benefit from the way we choose to do business. Below is our manifesto, our guiding principles. It’s written on our wholesale boxes as a constant reminder of who we are, what we stand for & how we make decisions as a company.


We believe in the power of community. Our goal is to make specialty coffee approachable and accessible to bring people together over our favourite brew.

Our intention is to conduct our business based on our own ethical & sustainable principles to ensure we’re limiting or reversing our footprint. We continuously re-evaluate our practices to find the best solutions that support our vision to leave the industry, and the earth, in a better place than we found it.

We seek to add value to others where we can. We are very conscious of the impact we can have financially, from the farmer through to the consumer and the communities they live in. We want to challenge the status quo and continually question what we do and how we do it. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts or looking for the quick wins. We always work towards genuine, organic growth.

We like to stay in our own lane and actively choose not to compare or compete. We march to the beat of our own drum, stay true to ourselves and to our brand. Each decision is made collaboratively with integrity and thought.

We have a thirst for knowledge and we’re always looking to continue learning and honing our craft. We don’t assume we have all the answers or that the answers will be the same as they were yesterday. We also love any opportunity to share our knowledge. Our doors are always open to those who want to learn.

We provide an inclusive workplace culture, one which creates the framework to support the personal and professional growth of our people. Empathy, honesty and authenticity are key values we ourselves hold and look for in those we work alongside.

Teaming up with like-minded partners to create real, long-lasting relationships makes this all possible; whether it’s the farms we source from, the cafes we partner with, or the suppliers we choose.

Above all, we love what we do! We love coffee, like a lot. We are extremely grateful to be able to share our passion, knowledge, beans and the stories they carry, with all of you.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!