doin' our bit

our tangible list of sustainable actions including our carbon neutral certification, sourcing guidelines, community initiatives & more.


we don’t think sustainability should be a question for businesses, but an expectation.
we’re committed to running ours with the least impact on the earth as possible.

‘sustainable’ can be another marketing buzzword, an easy way for companies to greenwash, but what does sustainability mean?
it’s about meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to be able to meet theirs.

for us, it’s a call to action, one that forms the pillars of our ethos, and something we think about in every decision we make. and it’s not just about our environmental impact (though that’s certainly important!) we’re also focused on the economic & social sustainability of our business & our industry.

we’re committed to bringing coffee & community together while trying to minimise our footprint at the same time. we take our responsibility to future generations of coffee drinkers seriously. our aim is to work with like-minded partners, both here & globally, who share our focus for quality, sustainability & social responsibility. to ensure we leave the coffee industry (and the earth) in a better position than when we found it.

we’re always seeking to do better in this space – check back here for updates on our progress.

community initiatives

an update on our eco warrior contributions, where we're donating our dollars & how we're working with our local communities to create change.

we’re carbon neutral

our roastery is solar powered & we’re also a certified carbon neutral business…we even have the fancy certificate to prove it!

responsible packaging

for our new range we sourced materials we felt would have the least impact on the environment & most aligned with our philosophy.

orangutan project

eco warrior isn't just part of our commitment to sustainable coffee, it supports orangutan conservation & rehabilitation and so much more!

ethical sourcing

our in-house guidelines for sourcing green coffee, thoughts on transparency & building ongoing relationships with the farms we buy from.

recycleme™ cups

we've converted to Detpak's award-winning RecycleMe program. the first takeaway cup on the market that can be properly recycled.