did you know our roasting facility is solar powered & we’re a certified LowCo2 business. Locale is part of the Carbon Reduction Institute’s low carbon economy & we’re working towards zero carbon.

we offset our emissions by purchasing carbon credits from renewable energy programs around the world. this makes all of our coffee products certified carbon neutral too & both our bags & canisters carry the NoCo2 logo!

that's cool, guys...but what does it mean?

it’s basically a fancy way of saying that for every greenhouse gas we emit, we invest back into programs that create renewable energy sources. it’s really important to us that we reset our climate change impact & ensure our business isn’t adding to the problem.

as well as the entire production of our coffee, the carbon offset program also covers things like; transport of our products interstate, staff travel, electricity usage…you name it!

projects we support.

last year, we purchased our carbon credits from the China Wind Project which provides a renewable, clean energy source for power generation. it aims to reduce China’s carbon footprint & helps to achieve their emissions reductions targets. by reducing harmful pollutants in the atmosphere, the China Wind Project also provides public health & local environmental benefits, economic aid through increased investment in renewable energy sources & creating more employment opportunities.

for more info on our carbon neutrality, you can view our page over on the Carbon Reduction Institute site here.

climate change is a fact & we’re proud to be doing what we can to minimise our impact. we hope to see more businesses follow suit!