a bit about us

We’ve come a long way since 2015, that’s for sure!

Driven by a passionate crew, we had high hopes of making our mark on the specialty scene. We started with nothing but a deep love for coffee, a focus on building relationships, and a dream of having an impact in the community.

Back in 2018, we joined the Genovese coffee family – a 50 y/o family-owned & run, Melbourne-based company who’ve been operating ethically & sustainably way before it was cool. Backed by the Geno crew, with their years of experience & knowledge, as well as their strong connections with producers worldwide, we saw this as an opportunity to reset. A chance for us to reassess how we did things.

We sat down to redefine our vision for Locale & ended up with a set of guiding principles. Values that would support our goal of bringing coffee & community together, shape our company culture, reflect our identity as a specialty roaster & leave the earth in a better position than we found it. The final draft became our ethos.

And, while these may not have been the reasons Locale was first created, these are the reasons we continue to exist today.

We have so much love for our coffee community & cafe partners nationwide.
We’d love to welcome you into our Locale family too!

our ethos

our guiding principles: who we are, what we stand for & how we choose to make decisions as a company.

the crew

a dedicated bunch of coffee experts & enthusiasts with years of experience, passionate about a sustainable future.

community initiatives

doin’ our bit

our tangible sustainability actions, carbon neutral certification, sourcing guidelines, community initiatives & more.

still want more?

If you want even more info about us & what we’re all about, we’d recommend heading over to our blog.

There’s a bunch of good stuff over there, written & curated by our passionate team.

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