our coffee

We’re a Melbourne-based specialty coffee roaster with a focus on community and the environment. We are passionate about sourcing & roasting some of the best coffees from around the world.

Fresh roasted blends & single origins, big espressos & dreamy filters, plus a range of specialty capsules – we’ve got you covered. All ethically & sustainably sourced, so you can feel good knowing the people at the heart of producing your daily brew are being looked after too.

our blends.

We have 4 different blends to suit any flavour preference!

Ultimate Wingman: a bold, full-bodied coffee with notes of caramel, dark choc, and hazelnut.

Original Gangsta: an easy-drinking, versatile blend that tastes just like drinking a fruit ‘n’ nut choccy bar.

Eco Warrior: an organic, med-light roast with notes of choc orange, sweet spice, berries & warm hugs. It has a direct impact at origin through environmental & animal conservation, as well as at home with links to local charities. 

The Real MVP: a lighter-style, fruitier blend that changes seasonally. It’s superb through milk, but truly shines as an espresso.


our blends


For the coffee curious, we have a range of rotating single origin microlots. These are 85+ coffees that are typically sourced from a single farm, or in some countries, where farms have smaller yields, we’ll source from the washing station where the coffees are processed.

At any given time, we have a minimum of two origins roasted for Espresso & two for Filter for you to choose from. Available in 200g (retail tins) & 500g bags.

For our Singles program, we love to source microlots that allow the producers to shine, showcasing interesting varietals, processing methods, and techniques that bring out the best in each coffee.

Check out our current lineup here: Singles

specialty beans.

We source specialty grade arabica beans across our entire operation. ‘Specialty’ refers to the grading quality of the green coffee. To be classified as specialty, a coffee needs to receive an independent cup score of 80 and above.

While the majority of coffees that make up our blends are 84+ and could easily make a great single origin, don’t be surprised if you see an 88+ microlot in our standard rotation.

Anything over 90 is quite rare & typically an auction coffee. For context, the Elida Gesha from that episode of ‘Billions’ scored 95.25 & sold for US$1029 per pound (almost $3500 per kg!)

Quality is obviously super important, but the cupping score is just one part of the sourcing equation…

from the source.

It’s extremely important to us that the farmer is able to earn a living wage & receives the best possible price for their coffee. We don’t negotiate the price down, we accept the price set by the farm.

We also aim for direct relationships whenever we can (especially for our blend coffees), but accept this is not always going to be possible (or best from an environmental standpoint). Where we can’t source direct from the farm, we work with reputable brokers who have ongoing relationships at the origin.

On top of this, we’re also ensuring transparency – down to the farm or washing station, sustainable farming practices & that all workers are treated well.

in good hands.

We’re extremely lucky to have the infamous Ben Toovey heading up our roasting crew. Ben was crowned 2018 Australian Coffee Roasting Champion and went on to represent Australia at the World Coffee Roasting Championship in Italy later that same year, finishing 4th in the world.

He loves the challenge of coffee, that it’s dynamic, complex and requires his constant attention.

Ben has been with the Genovese Coffee family for nearly 15 years and we are so grateful to have his knowledge & experience behind Locale’s coffee program.

quality control

quality control.

Our quality control processes are second to none. Ben is a certified Q Grader & he and the QC team are constantly cupping and assessing the quality of our coffees at every stage. They cup samples before & after we buy a coffee and again once it’s landed at our roastery.

The team are using the latest technology to track colour, water activity, moisture & density throughout the life of the coffee.

Our coffees are roasted individually to get the very best out of each origin. They’re cupped again afterwards to assess the roast profile then any last minute tweaks are made from there, if needed.

All of this helps us to ensure we’re serving up only the very best, every time.

We could go on and on about our coffee! If you want to keep reading, hit the blog to nerd out with us. Or you can click below to read our story and what we’re doing for the environment & the people we work alongside.