Our Eco Warrior blend was created as part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable coffee. It turned into a passion project that quickly became very dear to our hearts.⁠ Eco Warrior has a traceable impact, both at origin & at home. My personal favourite is that it directly supports orangutan conservation in Sumatra.

One of the main components of the Eco Warrior blend is a traditional wet-hulled coffee from our friends at the Orangutan Coffee Project (OCP) in Indonesia. We’d love to tell you more about this wonderful project…cute orangutan pics are included.

what is the project about?

The Orangutan Coffee Project is a 360-degree program that connects rainforest & wildlife conservation with sustainable, organic coffee cultivation. OCP is focused on 3 key areas:

~ the sustainable livelihood of a growing community of 350+ smallholder farmers.

~ the protection of Sumatran orangutans & their forest habitat.

~ transparent, fair & sustainable specialty coffee production – from the plantation to the roaster.

orangutan coffee project - producing

the smallholder farmers.

The first part of the project helps coffee farmers in the Gayo Highlands of Northern Sumatra to operate environmentally friendly coffee plantations. The 350+ smallholder farmers are producing consistently high-quality organic coffee and are committed to protecting the rainforest & its wildlife.

OCP empowers farmers to produce certified organic coffee in compliance with EU organic standards. This long-term process ensures traceability, as well as social & ecological sustainability. With additional support from coffee experts, post-harvest processes & infrastructures are continually improved upon too.

the sumatran orangutan conservation programme.

The second part of the project supports the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) that cares for, protects & rehabilitates orangutans and fights against deforestation.

Both the Sumatran and Tapanuli orangutans are critically endangered and face many threats to their existence. This can be due to deforestation & fire, with many Sumatran forests being cleared to make room for palm oil plantations. They’re also in danger from poaching & the illegal pet trade. And sadly, because the mothers are so protective, often female orangutans are killed so their babies can be taken to be sold & kept as pets.

Since 1999, the SOCP works on all aspects of orangutan conservation. Injured, orphaned & rescued orangutans are nursed at the rescue station & prepared to be later reintroduced into the protected rainforest. Some of the rescued orangutans will never be able to live independently in the rainforest again. SOCP have begun moving these orangutans from the sanctuary’s enclosure to their purpose-built Orangutan Haven.

The SOCP also fights for the conservation of the dwindling lowland rainforest & orangutan habitat. They operate four biodiversity research centres & conduct extensive environmental education programs too.

sumatran orangutan conservation

how are we having an impact?

We pay an additional $1 (USD) premium for every kilogram of green bean we buy from OCP (on top of the agreed bean price). 50% of this goes to the farmers for complying with organic & environmental standards.

The other 50% goes to the SOCP, to support their conservation efforts. In the last year alone, 27 orangutans were rescued, 56 were treated at the rescue station & 19 were reintroduced into the wild! We have committed to an ongoing partnership with OCP & have big plans for our Eco Warrior blend in future.


If you’re curious to learn more about either of these programs, you can head to:
sumatran orangutan conservation programme *OR* orangutan coffee project


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