this bold espresso blend reminds us of a rich caramel, dark chocolate & hazelnut tart!

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as our bolder blend, we see it as the perfect all-rounder. made up of Colombian, Brazilian & Indian coffees, it’s full-bodied, with mild acidity & a balanced finish. the go-to blend for many, the crowd-pleaser. consistent, trustworthy & loyal – like any great wingman.


we sourced each of the origins for our ultimate wingman blend from the following farms.

gran galope: colombia.

origin: narino, cauca, colombia
processing method: washed
species: arabica
varietal: castillo
elevation: 1500-2070m above sea level

this gran galope coffee comes from our friends at café imports. gran galope is an exciting new project, born from their desire to support small-scale producers from across the south-western regions who are consistently producing quality coffees on a much smaller scale. they pay premiums for these coffees based on cup scores, then bulk the lots together to make full containers of delicious, colombian coffee under the gran galope label. the farmers are far better off and coffee lovers all over the world get to enjoy their careful labour.

colombia boasts some of the most varied microclimates in the world, coffees from the narino region have more floral and fruity flavours when compared to other growing regions of Colombia and are typically prized for their citrusy notes. these coffees are all meticulously picked, sorted & graded, the uniformity of the coffee here is exceptional.

this colombian adds notes of citrus fruits, cane sugar, and a lively, vibrant acidity with chocolate & herbaceous undertones.

bobolink: brazil.

origin: mococa, são paulo, brazil
processing method: natural
species: arabica
varietal: catuai, bourbon, mundo nuovo
elevation: 1000-1400m above sea level

fazenda ambiental fortaleza (meaning environmental fortress farm) has been owned by the Barretto family since 1850. Silvia inherited the farm in 2001 & together with her husband, Marcos, began to focus on becoming a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable business. they’ve also been past recipients of sustainability awards from the SCA.

the bobolink coffees are sourced from a network of family-run farms. the farmers all share a collective vision to produce the best coffees possible, using sustainable agriculture methods. faf offer their workers a 50% share of the coffees they plant to give each member a real sense of ownership. the coffee is selectively handpicked at its ripest to ensure flavour, sweetness & a clean cup. it’s then dried naturally, either in raised beds or on cement patios. fun fact: the bobolink project was named after the birds who migrate to the area every autumn.

this coffee is clean, complex & adds typical Brazilian profiles to the blend: buttery, caramel, cocoa, creaminess, big body, mild acidity.

chikmagalur aa: india.

origin: chikmagalur, karnataka, india

processing method: washed

species: robusta
varietal: canephora
elevation: 1100-1400m above sea level

the growing region of Chikmagalur, in the state of Karnataka in southern India, is an amazingly diverse region. it forms part of the western ghats, one of the few vitally important, global eco-hotspots. the farmers in this region take particular care to grow shade grown, environmentally responsible coffee with the knowledge that their farming practices & methods can have global ramifications.

robusta coffee sometimes gets a bad wrap. this is probably due to lower quality robusta being used as a filler over the years to bulk out large-scale, commercial blends with cheaper, ‘commodity coffee’. that’s certainly not the case here! as with arabica, it ranges in quality &  you can absolutely source high quality robusta coffees (like this one). in fact, it’s the addition of the robusta that gives this blend it’s big body & rich flavour which makes it a favourite among our cafe partners all over the country. robusta isn’t bad, it just needs to be added with intention & purpose to bring out the desired traits you want from a blend.

this full-bodied & clean robusta adds the well-rounded caramel and dark chocolate flavours to the blend.

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