Our organic blend is a delicious, lighter-style roast that is equally beautiful as espresso or through milk. With notes of milk choc, sweet spice, raisin & warm hugs.

Eco Warrior cares for the earth and all who call her home. Socially conscious, organic and sustainably farmed. This beautiful coffee is delicate and buttery with a smooth finish.

It has a direct impact at origin through biodiversity & habitat conservation and community empowerment & development through the Orangutan Coffee Project (OCP) in Sumatra. As well as at home, with 5% of all Eco Warrior sales being donated to our favourite Australian charities (more below).


A gorgeous blend of coffees from Peru, Indonesia. This is one for the game-changers who want to drink awesome coffee while doing awesome things.

We’ve carefully sourced the origins that make up our Eco Warrior blend from the farms below, and though some components may change, our partnership with OCP is ongoing:

Since 2018, we’ve thrown our support behind the Orangutan Coffee Project in Indonesia. It’s a 360-degree project focused around two main initiatives. The first helps Sumatran coffee farmers operate environmentally friendly coffee plantations. OCP empowers farmers to produce consistently high-quality coffee in compliance with EU organic standards, with a commitment to protecting the rainforest and its wildlife.

The second, supports the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program (SOCP) that cares for, protects & rehabilitates injured, orphaned & rescued orangutans, all while fighting deforestation!

Some of our crew were lucky enough to visit Sumatra to see firsthand how the programs are benefiting the communities, rainforest conservation efforts & the endangered local wildlife. If you’d like to read more about the incredible work they’re doing, we have another blog post all about the Orangutan Coffee Project here.

Wet hulling, or giling basah, is the traditional method used in Indonesia due to the year round humidity. And while there are similarities to wet/washed processing, it produces entirely different cup characteristics.

The cherries are pulped then fermented overnight in concrete water tanks or plastic rice bags. They’re washed the next day to remove the mucilage, then sun dried in their parchment for 2-3 days until the moisture content reaches 20-24% (in typical wet processing, the beans would continue to dry until around 11%). The beans are then carefully hulled using special equipment & sun dried for a few more days.

President of Lima Coffees, Rony Lavan has established himself at the fore of microlot-quality coffees in Cajamarca. In his first year with Lima Coffees, he entered the national competition and won.

Rony is an ambitious & quality-driven cupper who has spent his career trying to carve out better and bolder coffees from small producers in Peru. While the country is emerging as a specialty market after many years of focusing on bigger lots and certifications, Rony’s passion is with identifying and developing the top scores and the best cups.

A large part of coffee farmland in Peru is certified organic (around 90,000 hectares), making it one of the places with the highest percentage of certified-organic exported coffee in the world. It is estimated that 25–30% of the smallholder farmers in Peru are members of democratically organised cooperatives and associations, making it easier to source FTO-certified lots.

The vast majority of Peruvian coffee is washed, and many producers own their own wet-milling equipment. Smallholder farmers deliver their cherry to Lima Coffee for processing. The coffees are depulped the same day they are harvested, and given a 12-18 hour open-air fermentation before being washed clean of mucilage and dried on patios or raised beds.

coffee that gives back.

In addition to the incredible projects this coffee supports at origin, it also has a direct impact at home. We donate 5% of all Eco Warrior bean & merch sales to our favourite Australian charities through our Community Initiatives program. You can head over to Community Initiatives for updates on where we’re donating our dollars each quarter & learn more about the initiatives Eco Warrior supports.


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