During Spring, we’re proudly supporting Carbon Positive Australia: an Australian charity that has been restoring degraded lands through ecologically sensitive tree planting for the last 20+ years.

We’re aiming to go beyond carbon neutral by making positive contributions to the environment. Donating to Carbon Positive’s native tree planting programs was a great first step towards this goal.

We’re excited to continue our support of this important initiative again each Spring.

our impact.

2022 was the first year we partnered with Carbon Positive. We were able to raise a total of $2212.00 through our Community Initiatives program last Oct-Nov! That’s 553 native trees that were planted in Australia throughout the year, assisting the Carbon Positive team in creating a habitat for rare flora and fauna.

In 2023, we smashed our previous tally, donating $3283.72 which equates to around 820 trees to be planted in 2024!

The biggest thank you goes to our supporters & cafe partners, we absolutely couldn’t do it without you! We appreciate every single person who bought some Eco Warrior beans or merch, or added a personal donation at the checkout. The EWCIF wouldn’t be possible without all of the legends who get behind it – we are extremely grateful to you all!

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about carbon positive.

Carbon Positive are regenerating Aus! They’re experts in revegetation, reforestation, carbon offsets, and environmental plantings. Here’s a snapshot of their 2022-23 impact:

  • 326,000 seedlings planted
  • 115kg of native seed sowed
  • 86 species planted at 18 planting sites
  • 415 hectares of land restored
  • 11,000 Australians calculated their carbon footprint and;
  • 71,000 tonnes of carbon were offset

The team at Carbon Positive know this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of donors (that’s you!).

The awesomeness of trees simply can’t be understated. Not only do they filter pollution from the air, supply us with oxygen, restore water cycles, reduce salinity & soil erosion, and provide habitat for our native animals. They also play a crucial role in addressing climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

In their 20+ years of restoration, Carbon Pos have had a huge impact, planting over 7.4 million native trees, restoring 5,400 hectares of land & capturing the equivalent of 669,000 tonnes of carbon!

We love that Carbon Positive Australia are big on education too and have created their own carbon footprint calculator to help people understand their individual impact & how to take action by making climate-healthy choices.

You can find out your household’s footprint and have the option to offset your emissions by donating back to Australian land restoration projects!

If you’re interested in learning more about Carbon Positive & the programs they offer, you can head over to their website here.

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help us to give back.

You can support Carbon Positive directly by hitting the site links above.

Or you can head on over to our online store during Spring & grab yourself some Eco Warrior beans & merch. We donate 5% of sales from our Eco Warrior organic blend, as well as tees & tote bags.

You can also add personal donations from as little as $1 to your cart at the checkout. It’s the little things that add up to make a big difference!

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