this versatile natural Rwandan coffee features a delicate acidity, smooth body & sweet aftertaste with flavours of peach, cherry & mandarin.

pedra grande

this delicious natural Brazilian brings a smooth, buttery mouthfeel & long, lingering sweetness with flavours of apricot, milk chocolate & honey.

wolichu wachu

this beautiful natural coffee from Ethiopia features a round, creamy body with a smooth, intensely sweet aftertaste & notes of raspberry, orange & caramel.

the real mvp

our newest blend will knock your socks off! beautifully balanced with a smooth body & lingering sweet aftertaste - this blend is next level!

ultimate wingman

full-bodied, with mild acidity & a balanced finish. the go-to blend, the crowd-pleaser. consistent, trustworthy & loyal - like any great wingman.

eco warrior

this blend is organic, fair-trade & supports sustainable farming. it contributes to orangutan conservation AND donates to worthy causes.

original gangsta

super clean acidity, lingering sweetness & a creamy mouthfeel. adventurous, unique & a bit of a trailblazer - you can't go past an original.

yemen pre-auction cupping

we’re hosting an industry cupping of all the Yemeni sample lots before bidding opens on the auction! read on for more details...

we’re heading to perth

we're heading to Perth to talk all things coffee & holding a series of coffee-focused events...head this way for info & ticket links. see you soon, Perth!

locale x mazzer: launch party

we're hosting the launch of Mazzer’s new Kold S + Robur S grinders this Melbourne coffee week! read on for event & ticketing details...

jhone milanez lacerda – Lot #2

we're excited to introduce this experimental 'slow natural' lot - it's certainly not what you'd expect from a typical Brazilian coffee!

wa lab party

we had the best few days with our Perth fam! read on for launch party details, latte art smackdown winners, epic giveaways & more…