Our next Single is something a little different! We sourced this coffee directly from emerging coffee producer, Elkin Guzman during a recent trip to origin. One of two coffees we’ll showcase from Finca El Mirador, this coffee is a delicious mix of red apple, plum & brown sugar flavours.

Origin El Rosal, Pitalito, Huila, Colombia
Producer Elkin Guzman, Finca El Mirador
Elevation 1680m above sea level
Varietal Caturra

Process Melazas

Tastes Like Red Apple, Plum & Brown Sugar

Elkin Guzman is a young & innovative coffee producer, a leader in his community & has quickly become a standout among Colombian growers in general. He is highly intelligent & curious, using the latest technology & techniques to consistently improve quality in every area of the process.

At Finca El Mirador, they grow many different coffee varieties & use a range of different processing methods. Elkin believes in using technology to collect & track data during each stage of the process, including the optimum ripeness of the coffee cherry for harvesting using a Brix meter. He prefers the harvest to happen at 23–25° Brix & only in the morning hours when the plants aren’t as stressed.

This particular coffee is just one example of Elkin’s many experiments. The coffee is harvested at 24° Brix, depulped the same day it’s picked & sorted using a zaranda. Elkin then puts the coffee through what he is calling an “anaerobic melazas” fermentation, melazas meaning ‘molasses’ in Spanish.

The depulped coffee is dry-fermented in open air for 18hrs. Then put in covered tanks to ferment for 24–36 hours, with molasses added to provide “energy” or sugars for the yeasts & bacteria to break down. The result is this stunning mix of red apple, plum & brown sugar on the palate. Stay tuned for more exceptional lots from one of the most promising & passionate producers we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with.

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