ratio: 1:16.7  |  time: 2.30-3min  |  temp: 94-96°C

this juicy washed Colombian coffee is currently being roasted as a filter for Play-Ground subscribers – and will soon become 1 of 3 origins in our seasonal MVP blend. it features flavours of orange, red apple & plum with a balanced, round acidity & a juicy mouthfeel with tropical fruit sweetness.



origin: betullia, antioquia, colombia
producer: iván de jesús arango – el pescado
processing method: washed
species: arabica
varietal: caturra, castillo
elevation: 1700-1850m above sea level
roasted for: filter

about me.

Iván De Jesús Arango, has been a coffee grower all his life. now 84 years old, Don Iván started with his El Pescado farm 30 years ago. from what began as a small farm, with much effort and dedication he turned it into something much bigger, now producing coffee over 50 hectares.

Don Iván is known as a leader in his field, and has been recognized as one of the most important persons for the development of Betulia municipality in Antioquia, structuring many different projects including education, design of infrastructure and providing support to other coffee growers in the region.  Don Iván is proud that he has been able to share his passion of coffee with with
his family, most of whom are also involved in the entire process of coffee production.

at the time of harvest, only the ripest cherries are hand-picked. the coffee is washed, de-pulped & left to ferment for 20-22 hours. afterwards, it’s sun-dried in parabolic driers.