eco warrior

this blend is organic, fair-trade & supports sustainable farming. it contributes to orangutan conservation AND donates to worthy causes.


this natural Burundi from Gakenke Washing Station is a fruit bomb featuring flavours of strawberry, apricot & nectarine with a cane sugar sweetness.

el pescado

this juicy washed Colombian features flavours of orange, red apple & plum with a balanced acidity & a juicy mouthfeel with tropical fruit sweetness.


this versatile natural Rwandan coffee features a delicate acidity, smooth body & sweet aftertaste with flavours of peach, cherry & mandarin.


this beautiful washed coffee from Ethiopia boasts flavours of peach, pink grapefruit & guava, with a lively lime acidity and lingering floral finish.


this washed 100% caturra from Bolivia features a fresh red apple acidity with a smooth body and a rich chocolatey & nougat finish.

pedra grande

this delicious natural Brazilian brings a smooth, buttery mouthfeel & long, lingering sweetness with flavours of apricot, milk chocolate & honey.

wolichu wachu

this beautiful natural coffee from Ethiopia features a round, creamy body with a smooth, intensely sweet aftertaste & notes of raspberry, orange & caramel.

el puente

read more about Honduras coffee legends, Marysabel Caballero & Moises Herrera of finca el puente & our ongoing partnership.

single orange-gin

this one's a different style of brew guide - introducing our favourite summertime coffee cocktail ft. gin & orange - the single orange-gin!

baroida estate

we've been lucky enough to score this PNG coffee as a natural, washed & honey. naturally, we've popped them side-by-side in a tasting flight!


a perfect example of a typical washed Kenyan. this coffee is complex & juicy with crisp acidity & flavours of white grape, blood orange & rhubarb.

the real mvp

our newest blend will knock your socks off! beautifully balanced with a smooth body & lingering sweet aftertaste - this blend is next level!

ultimate wingman

full-bodied, with mild acidity & a balanced finish. the go-to blend, the crowd-pleaser. consistent, trustworthy & loyal - like any great wingman.

eco warrior

this blend is organic, fair-trade & supports sustainable farming. it contributes to orangutan conservation AND donates to worthy causes.

original gangsta

super clean acidity, lingering sweetness & a creamy mouthfeel. adventurous, unique & a bit of a trailblazer - you can't go past an original.

chania estate

this exceptional french mission Kenyan is naturally processed. with flavours of black cherry, strawberry & brown sugar, it's incredible through filter.

faf brazil

delivering consistently great coffee, faf aligns perfectly with our ethos. that's why we moved our sourcing relationship to them in 2018.

ethical sourcing

our in-house guidelines for sourcing green coffee, thoughts on transparency & building ongoing relationships with the farms we buy from.

yemen pre-auction cupping

we’re hosting an industry cupping of all the Yemeni sample lots before bidding opens on the auction! read on for more details...

el fuerte

introducing the first ever Bolivian single in our rotation and she's a beauty. with notes of milk chocolate, apple & nougat, it tastes amazing as an espresso.

finca el mirador

this single is something a little different! from young & innovative coffee producer, Elkin Guzman, it's a delicious mix of red apple, plum & brown sugar.

buena vista

featured next is this fruity pink bourbon that's perfect for the hotter months. a refreshing mix of passionfruit, lime & cherry cola flavours.

los angeles

this beautiful black honey produced by las lajas micromill is next up on the roster of our favourite coffees. supply is limited so get in quick!


next up on the rotating roster of epic coffees is this exceptional Kenyan from windrush estate. can confirm it tastes as good as it sounds.

jhone milanez lacerda – Lot #2

we're excited to introduce this experimental 'slow natural' lot - it's certainly not what you'd expect from a typical Brazilian coffee!