We’ve been buying coffee directly from Honduras coffee legends, Marysabel Caballero and Moises Herrera of Finca El Puente, since 2018. We have an ongoing partnership, and regularly purchase their coffees to round out a few of our key blends (like OG), as well as jumping on any awesome microlots when the opportunity arises! From experimental varieties & growing techniques to unique ways of processing, they continue to push the boundaries of quality.

Moisés and Marysabel are constantly working to improve the efficiency of their ops, while caring for their natural environment. In 2020, they moved their processing facilities in an effort to reduce water usage. The new design relies on gravity to move the coffee.

Moisés and Marysabel also place a genuine emphasis on giving back to their local community. Each year, they help fund the renovation of one of their workers’ homes in Marcala.

Marysabel Caballero - Finca El Puente - Honduras
Moises & Marysabel Caballero - Finca El Puente - Honduras

As a fourth generation coffee farmer, Marysabel Caballero’s bond with coffee is intimately connected to her family’s history. Marysabel Caballero’s grandfather, Don Felipe García, established the family’s coffee farms in 1907. He passed them down to his daughter, Sandra. Sandra shares ownership with her husband, Fabio and their children, Marysabel & Fabio Junior.

The family sub-divided their land, giving different zones to each family member to manage independently. El Puente is one of Marysabel’s farms. She owns & manages it with her husband, Moisés, along with land that he brought to the partnership. Originally from Guatemala, Moisés came to Honduras in the 80’s for work with a Guatemalan coffee company. He ended up buying some land of his own outside of Marcala & became a coffee grower before meeting Marysabel. Moisés and Marysabel were married in 1996, and began planting and cultivating coffee on their first farm, La Maltide.


Together, they’ve dedicated themselves to producing the highest-quality coffee they could. When they heard about the first coffee quality comps in Honduras, they naturally entered the coffee they’d grown together. From the get go, their coffees started to win prizes. Coffee from El Puente began a winning streak that is unparalleled. Today, it’s one of the most innovative farms in the world. Growing exotic coffee varieties under unique conditions. Testing experimental processing techniques. And pushing every aspect of coffee production to improve the coffee and the farm itself.

Their meticulous farming practices continue to result in outstanding coffees. It’s no surprise they’ve been recipients of Cup Of Excellence honours in the past!