BREW RATIO – 15:240

an icon in the coffee world, the hario v60 has been the staple coffee dripper in any barista’s arsenal, it’s easy to use & brews a delicious, clean coffee. it’s also easily scaleable, from 1 cup upwards. they look great & we’ve found the ceramic version holds the brew temperature best with pre-heating.

there’s a huge range of recipes & ways to brew, and just like every brew method, there’s no one-size-fits-all. coffee is individual and like any recipe, we recommend using this a base to build & experiment upon. that way you can find a recipe that’s best suited to your coffee drinking style.

this recipe is for 1 cup, feel free to scale up the brew ratio for more cups.



~ 15g fresh coffee beans

~ clean water

~ v60: we used the Hario Ceramic & filter paper

~ grinder: we used the Timemore C

~ kettle or something to boil your water – ours is the Fellow Stagg EKG electric

~ scales: we used the Acaia Pearl scales – you’ll also need a timer if your scales don’t have one built in

~ mug or carafe (to decant your brew into)

step one.


grind 15g of coffee on a medium grind setting (approx. 20 clicks on the Timemore C) & set kettle to 95 degrees. if you don’t have a digital kettle, let water sit for 1 min after boil, prior to your first pour.

step two.


pre-wet your paper filter with approx. 150–300g of hot water from the kettle and try to cover the entire filter. this helps to remove any papery taste and pre-heats your dripper and server.

step three.


start timer & gently pour 40g in a circular motion. start your pour in the centre of the bed & work your way around. try to saturate all the coffee to encourage an even extraction. allow your coffee to bloom for 30sec.

step four.


at 0:30, gently pour 100 grams of water in a circular motion.

do you best to cover as much of the coffee as possible without pouring on the walls.

step five.


at 1:30, gently pour another 100g. start by pouring in a circular motion & finish off pouring just in the centre.

this helps to encourage an even flow rate.

step six.


stop your timer once all the water has drained through. a few drips every few seconds is fine. your timer should be at approx. 2:45. discard the filter, swirl the coffee in your carafe, pour & enjoy!


~ if your brew is taking too long (over three minutes) and tastes a little bitter, try grinding a little coarser.

~ you can gently swirl the coffee dripper with two hands after your bloom to encourage an even saturation.

~ for best results, your bed should drain entirely right before each pour. if it’s not, try grinding a little coarser.

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