We have so much love for our community. For years we’ve donated a portion of sales to good people doing good things. The creation of our Eco Warrior Community Initiatives Fund was the result. The goal has always been to provide funding & support to the communities we work alongside…and to hopefully create some awareness while we’re at it.

We have complete transparency with our donations so you can be confident 100% of the funds raised will be passed on. We pledge to contribute 5% from all Eco Warrior beans & merch sales, and we also accept personal contributions at the checkout. Each quarter, we change up where the donations go but you can always check back here for updates. Let’s meet our current recipient…

carbon positive australia.

During Spring, we’re proudly supporting Carbon Positive Australia: an Australian charity that has been restoring degraded land through ecologically sensitive planting for the last 21 years.

We hope to go beyond being a carbon neutral business & contribute back to the environment. That’s why all funds raised this quarter will be used to support Carbon Positive Australia’s native tree planting programs.

In their 21 years of restoration, Carbon Positive have planted over 6.4 million trees, restored 5,118 hectares of land & captured the equivalent of 651,759 tonnes of carbon!

The awesomeness of trees can’t be understated. Not only do they filter pollution from the air, supply us with oxygen, restore water cycles, reduce salinity & soil erosion, and provide habitat for our native animals. They also play a crucial role in addressing climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

We love that Carbon Positive Australia are also big on education & have created their own carbon footprint calculator to help people understand their individual impact & how to take action by making climate-healthy choices. You can find out your household’s footprint and have the option to offset your emissions by donating back to Australian land restoration projects!

If you’d like to learn more about these initiatives, you can head to their website here.

carbon positive auscarbon positive aus - tree planting - infill
carbon positive aus - tree planting - borden drone

streetsmart australia.

Throughout the Winter months, we donated to StreetSmart Australia: a non-profit organisation supporting vulnerable people in Australia who are currently experiencing homelessness.

StreetSmart, believe it’s a basic human right that everyone should have a safe & secure place to call home. They know ending homelessness will take a whole community response, so they’re constantly finding innovative ways to get people engaged.

Since 2003, they’ve had a huge impact, distributing over $9.5 million in funds, supporting 921 grassroots organisations, donating 54,930 SleepSafe kits & providing 266,671 SmartMeals!

The donations are in! Head to our StreetSmart Wrap-up to find out the total raised. Or learn more about SteetSmart’s impact on their website here.

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how can you support these initiatives?

If you’d like to show your support directly, we encourage you to hit the linked sites to make a personal donation. Or you can head on over to our online store & grab yourself some Eco Warrior beans, merch, or add a personal contribution to your cart on checkout.

To read up on some of our past donation recipients, you can find previous posts on the blog under the ‘community’ tab.

We truly appreciate the support!