this quarter we’re supporting the climate council: Australia’s leading climate change communications organisation. they provide expert climate change information to politicians, decision-makers, journalists, firefighters, farmers, nurses, teachers, planners & the community.

the results of the IPCC’s latest report couldn’t be clearer: we either dramatically reduce global greenhouse gas emissions this decade or face catastrophic climate impacts.

with the release of the report last month, it’s obvious that we still have a long way to go to save our planet. while we’ve already made a lot of changes to the way we run our business to reduce our carbon footprint, we can always do more!

we believe education is the first step if we really want to see lasting change. which is why we’re supporting the climate council this spring, to push for climate change action. as an independent, not-for-profit, community-powered organisation, they rely on donations to fund their critical research, campaigns & projects.

the climate council is made up of some of the country’s leading climate scientists, health, renewable energy & policy experts, along with a huge community of volunteers & supporters. decisions about climate change action should be based on science – so they make sure all Australians can be armed with the facts. their mission is to keep climate change on the media & political agenda every day.

the ipcc report.

the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is the most authoritative international body on climate science & is an essential component of the world’s response to climate change.

the report is the most important climate science update for almost a decade. it draws from a new generation of highly advanced climate models & scenarios. it’s the work of hundreds of scientists from around the world and is put through an extraordinarily rigorous review process.

it shows there is a narrow path to avoiding climate catastrophe, but only through immediate, deep & sustained emissions reductions. every choice & every fraction of a degree of warming we can avoid matters! each additional 0.5°C of warming causes clear increases in the intensity & frequency of heatwaves, damaging rainfall, and droughts.

the folks at the climate council have a great breakdown of the key points in the IPCC report which you can read here.


is there anything we can do?

while the situation seems dire & everything feels pretty heavy right now, the report also shows that we can still avoid a future of truly catastrophic warming. the world is racing to net zero emissions, and while Australia is way behind, we can be part of the solution.

climate change is accelerating faster than previously thought & we need urgent action now, but the Australian government is standing still. our emissions reduction target for 2030 is far weaker than many other countries around the world. at current rates, Australia won’t reach net zero emissions until the year 2167!! we need to be cutting our emissions 21 times faster than we currently are.

for some quick, immediate action, you can sign the petition to join the climate councils people-powered push for urgent climate action this decade – sign me up! we’d also recommend following the climate council on instagram for the most up-to-date info, things you can do to reduce your own emissions & other ways you can act now.

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with gratitude, team locale