we have mad love for our community. for years we’ve donated 5% of sales from our eco warrior blend to good people doing good things. the goal has always been to provide support & funds to the wider community & the environment…and to hopefully help create some awareness and/or change while we’re at it.

the eco warrior community initiatives fund (ewcif for short) was created to track our contributions ongoing & report them back to you. as well as beans, we now donate 5% of sales from all eco warrior merch lines too. each quarter, we’ll introduce to to our newest fund partner. we’ll also give you a wrap-up of donations from the previous quarter so you can see how your donation has made an impact. let’s do this!

the climate council.

this Spring, we’re proud to be partnering with The Climate Council. the results of the IPCC’s latest report couldn’t be clearer: we either dramatically reduce global greenhouse gas emissions this decade or face catastrophic climate impacts.

with the release of the report last month, it’s obvious that we still have a long way to go to save our planet. we’ve already made a lot of changes to the way we run our business to reduce our carbon footprint, but we can always do more!

we believe education is the first step if we really want to see lasting change. which is why we’re partnering with the climate council this spring, to push for climate change action. they’re 100% independent and community-funded & rely on donations to fund their critical research, campaigns & projects.

we wrote a post about the climate council & the IPCC report which you can read here.


streetsmart australia.

during winter, we teamed up with StreetSmart Australia: an organisation supporting the vulnerable people in Aus currently experiencing homelessness or those who are at risk.

StreetSmart believe it‘s a basic human right that everyone should have a safe & secure place to call home. they know ending homelessness will take a whole community response so, through innovative campaigns, they enable & empower those communities to raise vital funds & awareness to bring about change for those experiencing homelessness.

they’re all about keeping it local: seeking out, supporting & partnering with small organisations and projects in the communities where the funds are raised. since they began in 2003 they’ve had a huge impact, distributing over $7.6 million in funds, supporting 714 grassroots organisations, donating more than 25K SleepSafe kits & providing almost 150K SmartMeals!

to learn more about StreetSmart and the impact they’re having, you can head straight to their website.

in addition to donating 5% of sales of all eco warrior products & merch last quarter, we also signed up as a roaster partner for their CafeSmart initiative for the 7th year running, held in Aug – we wrote an in depth post about the CafeSmart program last year, you can read that here. stay tuned for a wrap-up of donations shortly!

previous initiatives.

in the past, we’ve donated to children’s ground, beyond blue, clean up Australia, the Yemeni water crisis, wildlife conservation, the bushfire relief fund, and the Queensland royal fire service, to name a few. to read up on some of these initiatives, you can find previous posts on the blog under the ‘community’ tab.

if you’d like to show your support directly, feel free to hit the linked sites to make a personal donation today. or you can head on over to our online store & grab yourself some eco warrior beans, merch, or add a personal contribution to your cart on checkout. we truly appreciate the support!