BREW RATIO – 15:240

great for beginners the aeropress is not only simple to use, it’s also small enough to take with you anywhere and our no.1 go-to travel companion. one of the best features of the aeropress is its versatility.

there’s a huge range of recipes & ways to brew, and just like every brew method, there’s no one-size-fits-all. coffee is individual and like any recipe, we recommend using this a base to build & experiment upon. that way you can find a recipe that’s best suited to your coffee drinking style.

there are two ways of aeropress brewing – this guide is for the traditional method, the other is the inverted method.



~ 15g fresh coffee beans

~ clean water

~ aeropress & round filter paper

~ grinder: we used the Timemore C

~ kettle or something to boil your water – ours is the Fellow Stagg EKG electric

~ scales: we used the Acaia Pearl scales – you’ll also need a timer if your scales don’t have one built in

~ stirrer – the one from the aeropress is perfect.

~ mug or carafe (to decant your brew into)

step one.


grind 15g of coffee on a medium grind setting (approx. 22 clicks on the Timemore C) & set kettle to 95 degrees. if you don’t have a digital kettle, let water sit for 1 min after boil, prior to your first pour.

step two.


place your paper filter in the dripper cap and give it a quick rinse with water. then attach it to your Aeropress and place it on top of your chosen carafe so that the number ‘4’ is on the top.

step three.


pour your 15 grams of freshly ground coffee into the Aeropress, then make sure you tare off your scale back to zero. you could use your Aeropress funnel here to avoid any spillage.

step four.


start your timer now and gently pour 40 grams of water into the Aeropress. using your Aeropress paddle, give the water & coffee grinds a gentle stir.

step five.


at 0:30, pour up to 240 grams of water & give it another gentle stir. you can then remove your Aeropress from the scale, but keep an eye on the timer.

step six.


at 2:00, start plunging down gently. aim to press down all the way by 2:30–2:40. don’t worry about the hissing sound, it won’t affect your brew.

step seven.


Place your Aeropress into a separate cup or just pop it in the sink. enjoy your coffee!


~ after you’ve poured all your water, you can place your plunger slightly inside the Aeropress to stop it from dripping.

~ be sure not to press on your scale as the pressure could damage it.

~ the key is to press slow and steady, you can use one hand to hold the Aeropress in place.

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