Each Autumn, we’re proud to be supporting Children’s Ground: a First Nations-led organisation working with & for First Nations communities in Australia.

When we first partnered with Children’s Ground in 2021, at the early stages of our Community Initiatives program, we were able to donate a total of $896.17.

We’re beyond excited to say we more than tripled that number in 2023, with a total donation of $2947.94!

about children's ground.

The fundamental difference to the Children’s Ground model is their community-led approach. From infants to Elders, they work collaboratively with entire communities over a 25 year period to create real and lasting change, aiming towards a brighter future for the next generation.

The Elders are involved and leading. Their knowledge being passed on, learned and respected by children, young people and families.


Designed with First Nations leaders, Children’s Ground are;

  • Disrupting the status quo where children live with injustice and disadvantage.
  • Celebrating culture, recognising talent, inspiring hope, delivering excellence and creating opportunity.
  • Using an evidenced-based approach to achieve radical reform.

Children’s Ground believe that every child should be able to experience a lifetime of opportunity, entering adulthood strong in their identity and culture, connected to their local and global world, and economically independent.

“Our children, families, and communities are the experts.  Our voice and talent will create change.”

When children are given the opportunity to experience these basic rights, then whole communities will benefit.

Children’s Ground integrate services across five key areas addressing social, cultural and economic wellbeing. They’re focused on prevention, early intervention and empowerment, rather than crisis and deficit. Implementing a system that recognises & privileges First Nations governance, solutions and systems of knowledge, which is complemented with western & global practice. 

To learn more about Children’s Ground and the important work they’re doing, head on over to their website here.

Children's Ground

*all images are courtesy of Children’s Ground & have been used with full permission from the families of the children pictured.

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