in: 21.5g  |  out: 46g  |  time: 24-26sec  |  temp: 93-95°C

this beautiful washed Ethiopian coffee is being roasted exclusively for Play-Ground subscribers – we aren’t currently selling this one through our wholesale or retail channels. it features flavours of peach, pink grapefruit & guava, with a lively lime acidity and lingering floral finish.



origin: agaro, limu, ethiopia
producer: kedamai washing station – various smallholders
processing method: washed
species: arabica
varietal: landrace
elevation: 1990-2100m above sea level
roasted for: espresso

about me.

Kedamai is a newer co-operative in the Agaro region of Western Ethiopia. established in 2018 & organised by locals with the express purpose of building a wet mill to serve the farmers in the area. with loans from local banks, the 180 founding members of Kedamai were able to construct the washing station and purchase equipment – within 2 years they were able to repay their loans in full.

through this new and progressive co-op, farmers are being paid 90% of the price paid for the coffee, which is extremely high in Ethiopia. farmers are paid cash upon delivery of cherry, plus end of season bonus & member dividends. they have also donated funds to local school construction.


the now 225 dedicated families have adopted best practices in how they are approaching their processing & drying. the water they use for processing is very clean as they’re taking it from a stream above the washing station, rather than from the river below. after washing, the coffee is sun-dried on raised beds.

this is a great example of the clean, vibrant & sparkling coffees that the birthplace of coffee is known for.