During Winter, we’re proud to be supporting StreetSmart Australia: a non-profit organisation supporting vulnerable people in Australia who are currently experiencing homelessness or escaping family violence.

We’ve worked with StreetSmart for 8+ years now! Last Winter, we raised a total of $1955.81 and are thrilled to announce we far exceeded that total in 2023 donating $3,017.95. We look forward to supporting them well into the future.

about streetsmart.

At StreetSmart, they’re aiming towards a future where no one is left out in the cold, one in which everyone has a safe & secure place to call home.

On any given night across Australia, more than 122,000 people are homeless. Together we can change that. StreetSmart are raising funds to help vulnerable Australians who are at risk or are currently experiencing homlessness. The donations go towards supporting community-based organisations who provide vital frontline services, but often struggle with a lack of resources. Providing temporary accomodation, meals, personal hygeine products & support services.

StreetSmart are a small team with a big impact, having distributed over $11 Million in 20 years to fight homelessness in Australia. We love that they keep it local: seeking out, supporting & partnering with small organisations in the communities where the funds are raised. Since 2003, they’ve supported 1092 grassroots organisations, donated 94,896 SleepSafe kits & provided 290,766 SmartMeals!

StreetSmart Australia

In 2022, in addition to the $1955.81 we raised through the Eco Warrior Community Initiatives Fund, our awesome cafe partners collectively raised $2,326.88 by taking part in StreetSmart’s CafeSmart initiative.

what is cafesmart?

CafeSmart is an awesome opportunity for the coffee community to band together & help fight homelessness!⁠⁠ Cafes pledge to donate $1 for every coffee sold on a particular Friday in August & we chip in the beans. Cafes can also raise extra money through donation boxes & some go the extra mile selling yellow treats & keep cups on the day, and donating a portion of those sales too. Cafe staff get dressed up & decorate their venues yellow….it’s a great industry-wide event that we love to be part of! We’ve been a proud CafeSmart roaster partner for 8 years & counting!

Last year we ended up with 12 participating venues, who collectively raised: $2,326.88!

The incredible Dee from Dancing Duck Co in WA took out the top spot with a total donation of $500. Dee was a first time participant who really got her community involved, selling CafeSmart cups, coffees & treats on the day. A great effort by all involved and we can’t wait to do it bigger & better this year!

To get your cafe involved this August, get in contact with your BDM for more info or click here to sign up!


help us to give back.

As always, you can support StreetSmart directly by hitting the site links above.

Or you can head on over to our online store & grab yourself some Eco Warrior beans & merch. We donate 5% of sales from our Eco Warrior organic blend, as well as tees & tote bags.

We’ve also made it easy to add a personal donation from as little as $1 to your cart at the checkout. It’s the little things that add up to make a big difference!

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