espresso lineup

Check out the microlots in current rotation that have been expertly roasted especially for espresso. For more on the producer, processing & suggested recipes, click the image to head to the product page.

kibingo washing station.

An Anaerobic Natural that has thick, boozy tropical fruit acidity with confectionery-like sweetness.

Tastes like: turkish delight, passionfruit & guava.

san josé del lago.

A fully Washed Typica that has a syrupy mouthfeel with a perfect balance of orange acidity and toffee sweetness.

Tastes like: toffee, almond & orange.

finca el puente.

This gorgeous Washed Pacamara is giving rich caramel & bright berry acidity with a lingering black tea finish.

Tastes like: black tea, goji berry & caramel.

These babies may still be doing the rounds with our Cafe Partners, but are no longer available to purchase online.

werka - gara kone.

A complex Natural organic Wolisho that’s overflowing with red fruits, with a rich & velvety mouthfeel.

Tastes like: cherry, strawberry & red grape.

el fuerte.

A delicious Washed Anaerobic featuring a crisp green apple acidity, with sugarcane sweetness and a lingering vanilla finish.

Tastes like: green apple, sugarcane & vanilla.


This Brazilian Natural is a beautifully buttery coffee, with rich lingering flavours.

Tastes like: milk chocolate, nougat & almond.

baroida estate.

A juicy Natural with tropical acidity, reminiscent of passionfruit & pomegranate, with a cherry liqueur finish.

Tastes like: sour cherry, pomegranate & milk choc.