san josé del lago: guatemala


tastes like toffee, almond & orange


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Our latest espresso is a fully washed Typica from Finca San José Del Lago in Guatemala. It has a syrupy mouthfeel with a perfect balance of orange acidity and toffee sweetness.

Owned by Eduardo Cabrera, Finca San José Del Lago was originally purchased in 1909 by Eduardo’s great-grandfather. The farm was mainly wooded land in the beginning and didn’t start coffee production until the 40s when Eduardo’s grandfather planted Typica & Bourbon varieties. Over the years the family has improved infrastructure, expanding the coffee-growing area and growing additional products like avocados & bananas.

Eduardo’s focus is on improving coffee productivity through sustainable processes. Working to increase shade cover and focusing on traditional coffee varieties like the Typica and Bourbon currently on the farm. Eduardo also maintains the existing forest areas on the farm to protect local wildlife & plant species.

Coffee cherries are selectively hand harvested and processed on the farm. They float the cherries to remove any underripes, then hand-sort to select only the ripest. It’s then pulped and fermented in water for 6-8 hours. After fermentation, the parchment is washed in clean water and laid on patios to dry. The coffee is raked frequently to ensure it dries evenly, taking around 10-15 days to dry.



  • origin: sololá, santiago atitlán, guatemala
  • produced by: san josé del lago – eduardo cabrera
  • processing method: fully washed
  • varietal: typica
  • elevation: 1550-2100m above sea level
  • roasted for: espresso



in: 21g  |  out: 48g  |  time: 26-30sec  |  temp: 92-94°C

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