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tastes like cherry, strawberry & red grape


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You’re going to love this Natural organic wolisho from Gara Kone in Werka, Ethiopia. As a filter it’s overflowing with red fruits, with a rich and velvety mouthfeel.

This complex lot is made up of coffees grown near the local village of Werka (pronounced “wer-kah”), which is located in the Nensebo district, in Ethiopia’s West Arsi Zone. The coffee was processed at Gara Kone washing station, one of twenty owned & run by Testi Coffee (a family-owned company founded by Mr Faysel A. Yonis).

Sitting at an impressive 2,020 meters above sea level, Gara Kone produces exceptional natural coffees. The washing station currently employs around 200 workers. During harvest, freshly picked coffee cherry is delivered daily by around 1,000 independent outgrowers. The majority of the families farm organically on tiny plots of land (2–5 hectares). Coffee is their main cash crop and grows alongside corn, grain & bananas under the shade of native trees. The high elevation, combined with the region’s cool temperatures, is ideal for the slow ripening of coffee cherries, producing denser beans and a sweeter, more complex cup profile.

Best practices are used for growing, harvesting and processing the coffee cherry. Testi pay a premium to farmers who pick and deliver only the ripest cherries from their farms. Coffees produced as part of this program represent the highest quality and cleanest cup profile available from the washing station and wider region.

A great deal of care is taken in the processing and drying of their naturals. Initially, the coffee is laid out thinly and turned regularly to ensure consistent drying and prevent over-fermentation. After a few days, when the coffee has reached 25% humidity, the layers of coffee are gradually increased & protected from direct sunlight. The coffee is turned constantly whilst drying. It’s also covered overnight to prevent damage from morning dew. Once the coffee reaches the optimum moisture level (usually after 15–18 days), it’s hulled and rested in bags in parchment until it is ready for export.



  • origin: west arsi, sidama, ethiopia
  • produced by: werka – gara kone washing station
  • processing method: natural
  • varietal: wolisho
  • elevation: 1,900-2,070m above sea level
  • roasted for: espresso



in: 21g  |  out: 48g  |  time: 26-30sec  |  temp: 91-93°C

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