Jhone Milanez Lacerda - Lot #2


This exceptional microlot is courtesy of 3Brothers Coffee who work side by side with the farmers at origin & are deeply involved in the entire process of coffee production, from sourcing the best coffees to managing the logistics from remote areas in Brazil. Our team originally cupped it blind & didn’t pick it as a Brazilian, we knew straightaway we wanted to showcase this lot & the dedication to the process behind it. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Origin Sítio Santa Rita, Serra do Caparaó, Brazil

Producer Jhone Milanez Lacerda

Elevation 1250m above sea level

Varietal Red Catuai

Process Slow Natural

Tastes Like Strawberry, Peach & Caramel

Located in the surroundings of Parque Nacional do Caparaó, is Santa Rita Estate. Comprised of four small properties within a 70-hectare estate, around 45% of which is dedicated to growing coffee. Since 1896, the farm has been owned & run by the Milanez Lacerda family.

For many years Sítio Santa Rita has consistently produced high quality lots but soil & climate factors had begun to impose their limits in altitudes up to 1000m, making it almost impossible for them to naturally obtain batches with a score above 85.

Until one particular batch did manage to achieve an outlier high score, most likely as a result of some fermentation. From there, Jhone Lacerda began experimenting with the controlled fermentation process, hoping to replicate this success in future batches.

Years of testing & analysis lead to Jhone’s further development of the ‘slow natural’ process, showing incredible results. Experimental lots, like this one, produced new & unique flavours for Brazilian coffees & have allowed them, and other Brazilian coffee producers, to tap into markets that were previously out of reach.

If you’re interested in learning more about controlled fermentation in natural processed coffee, an article written by Jhone Lacerda, provided by 3Brothers Australia, is a really great read.

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Health focused café by day, restaurant & bar by night. This all day eatery, the project of two local boys, Josh and Andy, is adding a spark to Palm Beach’s up & coming foodie scene.


The natural light, whitewashed walls, hanging greenery, and timber accents combine to create this little spot of paradise. The wall mural is a stunning feature and the first to draw the eye on the rooftop, now open 7 days a week! This place seriously has it all; eats, beats, brews & the best cocktails in town.


Recently moved to a predominantly plant-based menu, with the option to add your favourite protein source, their exciting breakfast, lunch and dinner menu will not disappoint. The Tapas menu is next-level awesome & the Espresso Martinis are a must here!

Rio Blanco


This extremely interesting Colombian coffee was brought to our attention by our friends at Cafe Imports who are importers of specialty grade green bean. As soon as we tried it on the cupping table, we knew this coffee had to be next on the roster.

From the small town of Rio Blanco, just outside of Popayan City in Cauca, comes this bold, tropical delight. Tingling pineapple acidity at the front, with rich caramel & and an almond finish. Got us dreaming of upside-down pineapple cake all day long.

Origin Rio Blanco, Cauca, Colombia

Producer Various Small Holders

Elevation 1500-1900m above sea level

Process Washed

Tastes Like Pineapple, Almond & Caramel

WA Lab Launch


We’re extraordinarily stoked to finally have a coffee space of our own in WA…it has been a long time coming! What better way to celebrate this glorious occasion than by throwing a party & inviting all of our favourite people along for an espresso martini or two!

To spice things up, we held a barista smackdown comp earlier in the day. We saw plenty of healthy competition between our WA cafes & their proxies. The nerves were high, with most entrants competing in their first ever smackdown but, despite the many shaking hands, they managed to put up some extremely impressive latte art on the day.

It was such a tight competition but alas, there must be a winner. So without further ado, in 3rd place: Tyson from Paper Avenue (Joondalup), in 2nd place: Kevin from Little Way (Nedlands) & in 1st place: Eva from Riverside (Perth)! Huge congrats to the winners & all who competed on the day!!

A big thanks to our judging panel; Martin (Broadsheet), Nicola (Espresso Works) & our man Josh (Locale VIC), we couldn’t have done it without you guys. We’d also like to thank the legends at Milk Lab, red+white wines & Nord Coffee for coming along & donating to the epic prize pool!

Finally, to everyone who joined us for a frosé, an espresso martini or THAT cheese platter (still drooling), thanks again – we love you guys! Also, congrats to the lads from The Old Love Seat who took home the Moccamaster Classic door prize…we’re so jelly! Can’t wait to have you all at the lab again soon for more coffee & chats.