play-ground - filter haul

Welcome to Locale Coffee Roasters…so happy you’re here!

We hope you’re enjoying the goodies you’ve received from Play-Ground. You’re in for a real treat with the last Winter box, if we do say so ourselves. This month’s selection features a delicious washed anaerobic from Bolivian specialty coffee pioneers, the Rodríguez family & and a natural from our fave PNG producer. Both of which, we’ve roasted as a filter coffee especially for you lot.

Happy caffeinating, folks!

baroida estate: png.

This natural from Baroida Estate in Papua New Guinea has a tropical acidity, reminiscent of passionfruit & pomegranate. While the finish is all choc, brown sugar & cherry liqueur.

This is the 3rd year running we’ve sourced coffees from Baroida Estate. Located in the Kainantu District, Eastern Highlands Province, the estate was founded by Ben Colbran in the 60’s when the government encouraged foreign agriculturalists to cultivate land in the highlands. Ben’s knowledge & experience was passed down to his son, Nicol, who runs the estate today. Making it one of the most notable coffee estates in all of PNG.

Meticulous separation for QC helps maintain the high quality of the coffee. After careful sorting, cherry is laid on raised beds to sun-dry.



origin: aiyura, kianantu, eastern highlands
produced by: colbran family – baroida estate
processing method: natural
varietal: arusha, bourbon, mundo novo, typica
elevation: 1700-1850m above sea level
roasted for: filter



ratio: 1:16.7  |  time: 2.30-3mins  |  temp: 95-97°C

el fuerte: bolivia.

This delicious washed anaerobic from El Fuerte in Bolivia has been specially roasted for Filter & features a crisp green apple acidity, sugarcane sweetness & a lingering vanilla finish.

It’s also the 3rd year we have coffees from Los Rodríguez family. After their success in growing exceptional coffee at their first farm, El Fuerte, the family planted 3 more farms & built a wet mill to process their coffee.

The cherry is carefully handpicked, collecting only the very ripest. Once depulped, it’s fermented in the family’s custom-built tanks for 48 hrs. The parchment is washed with fresh, clean water & carefully machine-dried using a ‘guardiola.’ After drying, it’s transported to La Paz & rested before being milled at the family’s state-of-the-art mill. It’s hulled & sorted using machinery, then by a team of workers who meticulously sort the coffee by hand under both UV & natural light.



origin: samaipata, agua rica, santa cruz
produced by: los rodríguez family – el fuerte
processing method: washed anaerobic
varietal: caturra
elevation: 1540-1650m above sea level
roasted for: filter



ratio: 1:15  |  time: 3-3.30mins  |  temp: 92°C