play-ground - espresso haul

Welcome to Locale Coffee Roasters…so happy you’re here!

We hope you’re enjoying the goodies you’ve received from Play-Ground. You’re in for a real treat with the first Winter box, if we do say so ourselves. This month’s selection features our much-loved OG blend, as well as a delicious anaerobic natural from Brazil which we know you’re gonna love.

Happy caffeinating, folks!

original gangsta blend.

This coffee is an easy-drinking, versatile espresso blend that pairs perfectly with milk (especially oat if that’s your jam) & tastes just like drinking a fruit ‘n’ nut choccy bar!

This delicious blend has a super clean acidity, lingering sweetness and a creamy mouthfeel with notes of chocolate, raisin & almond.

Our OG blend is currently made up of 3 delicious single origins from Brazil, Colombia & Honduras.

Each season, we update the blend with fresh crop singles aiming to keep the flavour profile as consistent as possible. So you know the beans are always fresh, but it tastes like the coffee you know & love!



origins: bobolink – sao paulo, brazil  |  gran galope – cauca, colombia  |  xinacla – marcala, honduras
processing method: natural & washed
species: 100% arabica
elevation: 1000-2100m above sea level
roasted for: espresso



in: 22g  |  out: 38-42g  |  time: 26-30sec

BRZ: Sitio Da Pedra 2

sitio da pedra: brazil.

This delicious anaerobic natural Brazilian from Sitio Da Pedra is incredibly fruity and well balanced with a delicate and clean finish with notes of honeydew, jasmine & red apple.

Sitio da Pedra is a 10-hectare coffee farm located outside the city of Pedralva in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. Luciano José Braga owns and operates this farm, which has been in his family since the 80’s. Since meeting CarmoCoffees in the early 2000’s, Luciano has been producing some of the finest coffees we’ve seen coming out of Brazil.

For their anaerobic naturals, coffee is picked at peak ripeness, cleaned, then placed inside sealed tanks to ferment anaerobically (without oxygen) and then placed on patios to dry naturally.



origin: pedralva, minas gerais, brazil
produced by: sitio da pedra
processing method: anaerobic natural
varietal: yellow icatu
elevation: 1150-1200m above sea level
recommended for: espresso



in: 21g  |  out: 45g  |  time: 28-30sec  |  temp: 91-93°C