ubumwe: rwanda


tastes like earl grey, maple & fig


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This Washed 100% Red Bourbon was processed at Ubumwe washing station in Rwanda. It’s juicy and sweet with a lingering earl grey finish.

Ubumwe washing station is owned by Epiphanie Mukashyaka of Buf Coffee & her family. Sitting at 1,650 metres above sea level in the Kamonyi District, in Rwanda’s Southern Province. The washing station receives cherries from around 500 farmers in the surrounding villages.

In operation since 2017, Ubumwe is managed by Edoine Mugisha. The property also houses their own dry mill, which processes coffee from the four washing stations owned by Buf Coffee. This added layer of control allows for further microlot separation & experimentation. Edoine oversees operations of both the wet & dry mill.

Ubumwe translates to “unity” in Kinyarwanda, a nod to the sentiment that by working together, Rwanda’s coffee industry has established itself as leader in quality-focused production.

Ripe cherries are selectively handpicked & delivered to the washing station. They’re first placed into flotation tanks, to remove any floaters, then pulped the same day using a mechanical pulper. The beans (in parchment) are dry-fermented overnight for 8–12 hrs, then sorted again. The wet parchment is soaked for 24hrs, before being moved to pre-drying beds where they’re intensively sorted for a further 6hrs. Finally, the coffee is moved onto raised African drying beds in direct sunlight to dry slowly over 10–20 days.



We’ve teamed up with MCM & the wider Australian coffee community to build awareness & support for the members of Rambagirakawa. With 5% of each sale of this coffee being donated back to their Supporting Strong Women initiative.

Since 2012, this all-women alliance has advocated tirelessly for greater autonomy & economic independence for Rwanda’s female landowners & coffee farmers. Funds raised through Supporting Strong Women will be used to construct a daycare centre for the women & their families. This will directly impact their productivity & prosperity, while ensuring their children are cared for nearby in a safe, happy & nurturing environment.

Learn more or make a donation here.



  • origin: kamonyi district, southern province, rwanda
  • produced by: ubumwe washing station
  • processing method: washed
  • varietal: red bourbon
  • elevation: 1,550–1,700m above sea level
  • roasted for: filter



ratio: 1:15  |  time: 3-3.30mins  |  temp: 94°C

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