kainamui: kenya


tastes like black currant, orange & dark choc


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Our latest filter, a delicious washed Kenyan, is a sweet and syrupy coffee with bright orange acidity.

The Kainamui factory serves about 1,800 smallholder coffee farmers who are members of the New Ngariama Farmers Cooperative Society, about 600 of whom are women. The smallholders own an average of 200 trees on less than half a hectare of land. The factory receives field visits from agricultural ministers and agro-companies who offer training programs. The F.C.S. also provides pre-financing for farmers to allow them to pay school fees, production costs, and in case of emergencies.

The Washed process in Kenya can vary slightly from place to place, but it typically contains a soaking step that is unique to this growing country. First the coffee is picked ripe and depulped the same day, then fermented in open-air tanks made of concrete or cement for 24–48 hours. It’s then washed thoroughly using water channels before being soaked underwater for 12–72 hours. Finally, the coffee is spread on raised beds to dry.



origin: kirinyaga, kenya
produced by: kainamui factory
processing method: washed
varietal: batian, sl28, sl34, ruiru 11
elevation: 1740m above sea level
roasted for: filter



ratio: 1:15  |  time: 3-3.30mins  |  temp: 92°C

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