manos juntas: colombia


tastes like honeydew, sour cherry & toffee


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introducing an anaerobic Colombian from Manos Juntas with a fresh melon sweetness, bright acidity and a rich toffee finish.

Manos Juntas micromill is located in the Sotara area of Colombia’s Cauca region. cherries are delivered by local producers on the day of harvest. upon arrival, the Brix and pH are recorded, cherries are placed in large hermetic tanks for a 5 day anaerobic fermentation. each tank is labelled with the name of the producer, to retain traceability.

during this process, nitrogen gas is introduced into the tanks to stimulate the yeast. Brix and pH are measured constantly throughout the process and used to determine the stopping point for fermentation. the coffee is subjected to 20°C temps in order to cease fermentation and remove the yeast and other microorganisms. the cherries are then ‘aged’ in tanks for five more days before being taken to solar dryers where drying can take 30–45 days.



origin: hulia, cauca, colombia
produced by: manos juntas micromill
processing method: anaerobic
varietal: pacamara
elevation: 1950-2100m above sea level
roasted for: filter



ratio: 1:16.7  |  time: 2-2.30mins  |  temp: 91-93°C

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