la josefina: ecuador


tastes like kiwi fruit, caramel & apricot


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New to the filter lineup, this washed coffee from finca La Josefina in Ecuador features stone fruit aromatics, balanced by fresh kiwi and caramel sweetness.

Finca La Josefina is owned by Ligia Merizalde and Leopoldo Andrade. The couple ventured on the business of producing coffee and together with their local native team, they use the farm to reflect their values of passion, resilience, solidarity & generosity. Named in honour of their grandmother, La Josefina became the perfect spot for coffee cultivation.

Deep in the jungle, as part of the Cayambe-Coca Natural Reserve, La Josefina boasts incredible views, generous land filled by green mountains, lakes & swamps and more than 3,500 individual species of animals and plants. The tropical & exotic climate provides the perfect conditions for growing high quality microlots like this one.

Typica is one of the root varieties of Coffea arabica, known for its bright taste and acidity. Washed lots are the norm for coffees out of Ecuador. After hand washing, the cherries are dried on patios or on raised beds, often under a plastic cover or mesh.



origin: cascabel, ecuador
produced by: finca la josefina
processing method: washed
varietal: typica
elevation: 1200-2000m above sea level
roasted for: filter



ratio: 1:15  |  time: 2.30-3mins  |  temp: 92°C

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