janson estate: panama


a set of two incredible gesha coffees from janson family estate.


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these outstanding gesha coffees come from the world renowned janson family estate in Panama. we chose these two different lots to showcase the wide spectrum of flavours & styles that they produce using both traditional & experimental processing methods. one example of the length these producers go to is that the cherries are only harvested at their optimal ripeness & sweetness, which occurs on the crescent moon cycle as the sap in the tree moves upwards into the cherries.


GESHA – LOT #489

harvest date: 5th february, 2021
origin: tizingal, panama highlands
processing method: natural anaerobic – 96hr fermentation
drying: patio dried & machine dried for 13 days
elevation: 1700m above sea level
tastes like: passionfruit, lychee & rosewater


GESHA – LOT #541

harvest date: 15th january, 2021
origin: volcan, panama highlands
processing method: washed – 48hr fermentation
drying: patio dried for 5 days
elevation: 1350m above sea level
tastes like: peach, grapefruit & orange blossom


please note: these geshas come in 150g lots, as a set of two (2 x 150g tins).

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