floripondio gesha: bolivia


tastes like red grape, banana & pineapple


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We’re head over heels for this incredible filter, a natural Gesha from the Rodriguez family’s Floripondio estate in Bolivia, bursting with complex tropical sweetness and acidity, with a delicate floral finish.

For the third year running, we have some outstanding coffees in the rotation produced by the Rodríguez family. This one is part of our ‘very special coffee series’ and is a limited lot.

Floripondio is one of the more recent farms planted in Samaipata, where the Rodriguez family has been experimenting with specialty lots. Historically, the region isn’t known for coffee producing, but after success in growing exceptional coffee at their first farm, El Fuerte, the Rodriguez family continued to invest in the region, planting four more farms, including Floripondio, and building a wet mill to process the coffee.

Established in 2014, Floripondio is 47 hectares in size, 29 of which are planted with coffee. Sitting at 1,710 meters above sea level, the high altitude, along with daily temperatures ranging widely from 5-30 ˚C, helps to ensure a very slow maturation of the coffee cherries on the farm. This leads to a higher concentration of sugars in the cherry and bean, which helps to produce an incredibly sweet and complex coffee.

The coffee is carefully hand picked each day during harvest, selecting only the ripest cherries. This is particularly important for naturally processed lots like this one to ensure a super sweet, clean cup! After being picked and weighed, the coffee was carefully washed & laid out to dry on raised African beds and turned hourly. After a week on the raised bed, the coffee was placed in a “Coco Dryer”. A new processing technique that helps the coffee dry slowly & consistently. It sits in these large steel vats for around 35 hrs at temps no higher than 40˚C & turned every 30 mins.

Once dry, it’s transported to La Paz where it was rested, then milled at Agricafe’s dry mill, La Luna. At this state-of-the-art mill, coffee is meticulously hulled and sorted using machinery, and sorted carefully by hand under UV and natural light.

Note: this product is being roasted-to-order, which may delay standard shipping times!

For the Espresso lovers, we also have a washed anaerobic from the family’s El Fuerte estate in the current lineup: El Fuerte – Bolivia 



origin: samaipata, agua rica, santa cruz
produced by: los rodríguez family – floripondio
processing method: coco natural
varietal: gesha
elevation: 1710m above sea level
roasted for: filter



ratio: 1:15  |  time: 2.30-3mins  |  temp: 90°C

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