Ecuador – Pillcocaja



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Tastes Like Plum, Lavender & Honey
Origin Santa Isabel, Abdón Calderón, Ecuador
Producer Gustavo Landivar Heredia, Pillcocaja
Elevation 1650m above sea level
VarietaL Typica
Process Washed
About Me Gustavo Landivar Heredia owns the 320-hectare Hacienda Pillcocaja, the farm consists of around 7.5 hectares of planted coffee, in a mix of different varieties. Gustavo focuses on processing both washed and honey style coffees. For his washed microlots, like this one; the coffee is depulped the same day, dry fermented for 16-30 hours, and washed in canals that run through the farm, before being dried under shade canopies for 20–30 days. This coffee is roasted as Filter-style.


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