Burundi – Gaharo Hill



Tastes Like Pomegranate, Blueberry & Plum
Origin Gaharo Hill, Muramvya, Burundi
Producer Long Miles Coffee Project
Elevation 1680-2050m above sea level
Varietal Bourbon
Process Natural
About Me Gaharo Hill is made up of 1176 small farming families & was the site of the first Long Miles Coffee Project washing station in Burundi. The hills produce many edible crops, but the high acidity & low soil fertility made it hard on coffee farmers. Many farms were abandoned when farmers could no longer invest in them. LMCP have worked to rejuvenate these farms by educating farmers on ways to improve quality, like intensified sorting at the milling stage, making their own organic fertilisers to lower soil acidity and facilitating direct connections between farmers & roasters. This coffee is perfect for filter.

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