play-ground fun

welcome to locale…so happy you’re here!

we hope you’re enjoying the goodies you received from Play-Ground. you’re in for a real treat with this month’s selection, if we do say so ourselves. click on the images below to read up on the finer details of each coffee: origin info, suggested recipes & more.

or you can scan the QR code on the back of the bag you’re brewing.

happy caffeinating, folks!

original gangsta.


our OG espresso blend tastes like chocolate, raisins & almonds – like a fruit ‘n’ nut chocolate bar. adventurous, unique & a bit of a trailblazer, it’s tough to beat an original.

eco warrior.


our eco warrior espresso blend is organic, fair-trade, saves the orangutans AND donates 5% of sales to charity. tastes like milk choc, sweet spice & raisins.

kanyege : rwanda.


this versatile, natural Rwandan coffee features a delicate & round acidity, smooth, medium body & lingering, sweet aftertaste with flavours of peach, cherry & mandarin.

gakenke : burundi.


this beautiful natural Burundi has flavours of strawberry, stone fruit & a cane sugar sweetness, a lingering, clean aftertaste and a round & balanced acidity.