our ethos

coffee for the people

We believe in the power of community. Our goal is to make specialty coffee approachable and accessible to bring people together over our favourite brew.

Our intention is to conduct our business based on our own ethical & sustainable principles to ensure we’re limiting or reversing our footprint. We continuously re-evaluate our practices to find the best solutions that support our vision to leave the industry, and the earth, in a better place than we found it.

We seek to add value to others where we can. We are very conscious of the impact we can have financially, from the farmer through to the consumer and the communities they live in. We want to challenge the status quo and continually question what we do and how we do it. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts or looking for the quick wins. We always work towards genuine, organic growth.

We like to stay in our own lane and actively choose not to compare or compete. We march to the beat of our own drum, stay true to ourselves and to our brand. Each decision is made collaboratively with integrity and thought.

We have a thirst for knowledge and we’re always looking to continue learning and honing our craft. We don’t assume we have all the answers or that the answers will be the same as they were yesterday. We also love any opportunity to share our knowledge. Our doors are always open to those who want to learn.

We provide an inclusive workplace culture, one which creates the framework to support the personal and professional growth of our people. Empathy, honesty and authenticity are key values we ourselves hold and look for in those we work alongside.

Teaming up with like-minded partners to create real, long-lasting relationships makes this all possible; whether it’s the farms we source from, the cafes we partner with, or the suppliers we choose.

Above all, we love what we do! We love coffee, like a lot. We are extremely grateful to be able to share our passion, knowledge, beans and the stories they carry, with all of you.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!


community initiatives

doin' our bit

doin' our bit

At Locale, we’re all about people & planet. We’re passionate about running our business ethically, responsibly & as sustainably as we can. After all, we couldn’t do what we do without the Earth’s natural resources, and we’re conscious of giving back.

We’re not about greenwashing or virtue signalling; we just want to do better.

We’re mindful of the environmental & ethical impacts of our business and aim to be a positive force for change within the coffee community & beyond. It’s been a long-term goal of ours to leave the industry, and the Earth in a better position than we found it. For us, it’s a values-led approach that starts at the top & is embedded into the fibre of our company culture.

We care about people all along the coffee supply chain, from the farmer through to the barista & believe in paying a fair & equitable price for the coffees we source. Not all coffees are created equally – much the same as wine! We’re big believers in paying more to know you’re getting a top-quality, traceable & sustainably sourced brew & ensuring the farmer at the heart of producing your daily cup of coffee is being looked after too.

Sustainability forms the pillars of our ethos and is something we consider in every decision we make. We’re always looking to do our bit for the planet, our communities & the people we work alongside. It’s a constant balancing act between purpose & profit – we absolutely believe the two can & should go hand-in-hand.

Below you’ll find info on our sustainable actions including our carbon neutral certification, sourcing guidelines, community initiatives & more.

This is an ongoing journey for us. You can check back here for updates on our progress in this space or feel free to drop us a line with any suggestions.

community initiatives

We have so much love for our community. Read more about our Eco Warrior Community Initiatives Fund & the charities we support.

we’re carbon neutral

our roastery is solar powered & we’re also a certified carbon neutral business…we even have the fancy certificate to prove it!

responsible packaging

for our new range we sourced materials we felt would have the least impact on the environment & most aligned with our philosophy.

community initiatives

orangutan project

eco warrior isn't just part of our commitment to sustainable coffee, it supports orangutan conservation & rehabilitation and so much more!

ethical sourcing

our in-house guidelines for sourcing green coffee, thoughts on transparency & building ongoing relationships with the farms we buy from.

recycleme™ cups

we've converted to Detpak's award-winning RecycleMe program. the first takeaway cup on the market that can be properly recycled.

the crew

meet our crew

Our team are an incredibly dedicated bunch of coffee experts & enthusiasts with years of experience throughout all levels of hospo. From baristas to venue owners, sales, marketing, roasting & tech support, we’ve done it all. Our team are united by a deep love of coffee & a passion to create a sustainable future for everyone.

Could one of these legends be your new best friend? Reach out below for more on joining the Locale fam.

josh jackson.

Pace to his mates. He’s the glue here at Locale, holding everything together. He has recently taken on a group GM role across the Locale & Genovese businesses, as well as running Loveramics & working closely with Ben in developing Locale’s coffee program.

He’s worked in the hospo industry his entire working career from cheffing through to sales & management roles & everything in between.

Pace steers the ship here & loves a cheeky filter coffee while he’s doing it.

ben toovey.

Ben’s origin story is barista-turned-renowned-roaster, since taking out the Australian Roasting Championship in 2018 & going on to place 4th at Worlds. He loves the challenge of coffee, that it’s dynamic, complex & requires constant attention. Ben has been with the Genovese coffee family for nearly 15 years & we’re so grateful to have his knowledge & experience behind Locale’s coffee program.

Ben drinks his coffee black & starts the day with a double espresso followed by loads of cupping. He also enjoys a pour over on the weekends.

kristin jackson.

KJ has worked in Sales & Marketing roles across a range of industries including food, wine & coffee. She’s been with Locale from the early days & was the creative mind behind the re-brand in 2020.

KJ is super passionate about the environment & the ability for businesses to create positive change, driving Locale’s sustainable & community-based initiatives.

She starts the day with an oat milk flatty & prefers a batch brew in the arvo.

paul solway.

Beginning his coffee journey as a barista at a small cafe, Pauly realised he had a deep love for coffee & the industry, a drive to help people succeed and the ability to make you buy whatever he’s selling!

He’s been an integral part of Locale since the very beginning & the main reason behind the success we’ve seen in WA.

Now managing the sales team nationally & showing mad love for the cold brew, Pauly is the best friend you never knew you needed.

sage wilson.

Originally from sunny California, Sage fell in love with the barista life as soon as they moved to Melbourne. A foodie and lover of all manner of fancy beverages, Sage has been working in coffee for over 6 years now, and hospo even longer. They scored their first roasting gig a few years ago & never looked back.

Sage loves the nuance of flavour from different origins and the ritual of making and sharing a cuppa!

They’re a huge filter fiend or like to kick of the morning with an espresso.

tom o'brien.

After realising he wasn’t destined to be a paintball instructor, Tom kicked off his coffee career as a barista at a local cafe. He’s now been in the industry for over 10 years & loves the sense of exploration and creativity that comes from collaborating with people on coffee parameters.

He may be new to the Locale fam, but we have high hopes for what he can bring to our QLD customer base.

Tom starts the day with a filter coffee, chased with a double espresso or flat white!

rach commander.

Since scoring her first coffee gig at 15, Rach knew that she wanted to learn everything there was to know about creating the perfect cup. After a good 12 years, both in the Tassie and Melbs coffee scene, including owning her own cafe, she brings a wealth of knowledge to our sales team. A woman of many talents, Rach has some mad barber skills & has even danced professionally as a go go girl! Her favourite thing about coffee is the people – a perfect fit for Locale.

Rach’s go-to coffee order is a soy flatty – “a hug in a mug”.

emma garcia.

Joining the team in 2022, Emma is in her final year of study for her Batchelor of Business Marketing. She’s held barista & managerial roles at busy flagship cafes & also has a degree in Interior Design!

Emma is the friendly voice on the other end of the phone or email & is always ready to help. She also assists KJ in Marketing as well as looking after the Loveramics brand.

Em’s go-to order is an oat latte/iced latte but she also loves a batch brew.

costa lambropoulos.

Costa keeps the cogs turning in the warehouse, making sure your coffee orders are shipped across the country in a timely manner. On top of Locale, he also looks after dispatch for Loveramics.

Costa comes with a wealth of experience having worked in service & warehouse roles for a few other roasters, and joining the Locale family in early 2020.

He’s a long-time espresso stan, but starts every day with a homemade greek coffee.

Now you’ve met our HQ crew & key in-state contacts. These superstars are backed up by awesome tech & training support staff, as well as a killer back-of-house team working out of Coburg in VIC.

Hit the button below to get in touch…we always love a chat! Or for more on wholesale/cafe supply, head over to our wholesale page.