Locale started out as a small side project in 2014, while working for a big international roaster. We’d noticed a growing demand for a locally roasted product within our customer base & Locale was originally created to meet that demand. The name is a nod to our Melbourne-Italian coffee roots, with an added ‘locally roasted’ twist.

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A few years back, Locale became a stand-alone brand, driven by a handful of coffee passionate team members with the goal of taking the company to the next level in the specialty scene. We’ve since joined the Genovese Coffee family, and with their knowledge & guidance we’ve been able to take it even further. We’re pretty proud of how far we’ve come, now supplying coffee to around 100 cafes across Australia.


Our coffee development team is led by Josh Jackson with invaluable expertise & guidance from Ben Toovey (2018 Australian Roasting Champ, 4th place; 2018 World Coffee Roasting Champs) & Pat Connolly (2nd place; 2019 Australian Roasting Champs). All three bring a wealth of knowledge from their many years in the specialty coffee industry. Together, they cover everything from green bean sourcing to roasting & quality control.


Our coffee team sample dozens of coffees each week, from coffee growing regions all around the world, in search of the best lots. We source our beans from farmers who share our focus for quality, sustainability & social responsibility.  The coffees that go into our blends are direct trade (meaning we buy directly from the farms). We also purchase Microlots direct wherever possible, but if required we’ll also spot buy coffees, bid at specialty auctions & buy through trusted traders.


The coffees are rigorously cupped (tasted) & analysed at every stage of the process. Our coffee team cup the offer samples (before we buy), the pre-shipment samples (before the coffee is sent), again once the green bean arrives & continue to monitor it while in storage. After roasting, they repeatedly taste & analyse each batch using the latest technology. We confidently stand behind the quality of every single bag of Locale coffee.


Our coffee is roasted fresh every week from our Coburg roastery in VIC. After the beans have been roasted & packing is complete, the coffee is shipped directly to our café partners around Australia. So, you can be sure that you are always drinking the freshest Locale coffee. We recommend our coffee is consumed between 10-21 days from the roast date – the coffee is at its very best during this range.


Sustainability is central to what we do. We take our commitment to the environment & future generations of coffee drinkers seriously and most decisions we make circle back to this ethos. We aim to reduce our environmental impact wherever we can and we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve in this area. Visit our Sustainability page for more info about our current initiatives.

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