filter lineup

Check out the microlots in current rotation that have been expertly roasted especially for filter lovers. For more on the producer, processing & suggested recipes, click the image to head to the product page.


This Washed 100% Red Bourbon is juicy and sweet with a lingering earl grey finish.

Tastes like: earl grey, maple & fig.

las isabellas.

This dreamy Natural SL28 has ripe pineapple and papaya notes with a rich, dark chocolate mouthfeel.

Tastes like: pineapple, papaya & dark chocolate.

el puente gesha.

This gorgeous Washed Gesha has sweet floral notes of jasmine and flavours of apricot nectar and lychee on the finish.

Tastes like: apricot, lychee & jasmine.

las lajas.

A funky Perla Negra with big tropical fruit flavours, a thick body & syrupy sweetness.

Tastes like: watermelon, passionfruit & raspberry.

floripondio gesha.

A stunning natural Gesha bursting with complex tropical sweetness and acidity, with a delicate floral finish.

Tastes like: red grape, banana & pineapple.

blue iris.

A summery Anaerobic Honey from Project One Light in Yunnan with heady lychee and floral notes.

Tastes like: lychee, lemongrass & oolong tea.


This delicious Washed Kenyan is a sweet and syrupy coffee with bright orange acidity.

Tastes like: blackcurrant, orange & dark choc.