next up on the rotating roster of exciting new origins, we have a Colombian pink bourbon that is perfect for the hotter months. this coffee was sourced directly from buena vista during a recent origin trip and is a clean & refreshing mix of passionfruit, lime & cherry cola flavours. enjoy fam!

tastes like: passionfruit, lime & cherry cola
origin: playitas, san adolfo, huila, colombia
producer: yamid & luis eduardo tulcan – buena vista
elevation: 1650m above sea level
varietal: pink bourbon
process: washed

the 7-hectare buena vista farm in Playitas, Colombia, is owned by Yamid and Luis Eduardo Tulcan. Yamid and his father, Luis, have farmed coffee together for Yamid’s whole life, mostly focused on the pink bourbon varietal.

when he was a younger man just starting out, Yamid was given 1,000 caturra trees by his father to start with. after a while, he’d grown his farm to more than 5,000 trees! though over time, Yamid had replaced his caturra with mostly pink bourbon.

this coffee is harvested ripe every 8 days during the season and fermented first as a whole cherry for 12–15 hours, then de-pulped and fermented dry in tanks for 28 hours. the coffee is then washed once and spread out to dry in parabolic driers for 9–12 days.