Our blends are seasonal, which basically means the origins that make up the blends are rotated. We cup & sample numerous combinations before deciding on the final product, using the best green bean we can source during each harvest period. Our aim is to produce the same in-cup experience our customers have to come to expect from each blend. Each one of our blend origins is ‘direct trade’ meaning we source them direct from the farms who produce them.


Clean acidity, lingering sweetness and a creamy mouthfeel.

Origins: Brazil Bobolink, Colombia Gran Galope, Honduras Xinacla

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Our 100% Organic blend is delicate and buttery with a smooth finish.

Origins: Indonesia Orangutan Coffee Project & Peru Cajamarca (FTO)

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Full bodied with mild acidity and a balanced finish.

Origins: Colombia Gran Galope, Brazil Bobolink, India Chikmagalur AA

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The famous ‘Swiss Water’ method utilises the most natural & chemical-free method for decaffeination available. The coffee is not subjected to chemicals throughout the process and maintains the distinct flavour characteristics inherent in the coffee. Our decaf blend is a medium bodied, sweet coffee with a balanced acidity and flavours of vanilla, brown sugar and walnuts.

Origins: Brazil, Ethiopia & Guatemala.


As the name suggests, single origin coffee is sourced from a single producer, crop, or region in one country. Singles produce a specific taste profile, allowing the drinker to truly experience the flavour that is native to the region the coffee comes from. We’re always on the hunt for new & exciting origins to showcase & we regularly rotate our singles to keep things interesting.

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